It has become necessary for me to respond further to a story printed in the Nassau Guardian on Friday 4th February that contained remarks attributed to me that appear to cast aspersions on trade unions. The remarks were reported in the context of the settlement of a dispute with the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation.  I had hoped that this matter had been put to rest and that I had uttered my last remarks on the matter of my relations with the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation.

I wish to make it unequivocally clear that I do not regard unions as dangerous to the country. I certainly do not believe that Unions will lead to the demise of the country. The views that I expressed and which are accurately reported are that any institution which appears to condone the delivery of poor service will adversely affect the growth and development of the country.  The newspaper’s report does not in any way reflect my true views on Unions and their general contribution to the country. I have since pointed out to the reporter concerned the egregious disservice that was done to me by this misrepresentation, and by writing a story that in my view did not properly put in context accurately what I said.

Having spent most of working life in Human Resource Development I am all too keenly aware of the need for worker’s organizations, including unions and the positive role that they can play in the positive development of a work site and the country generally. This remains my firm view today.  I do believe that our party’s policy of a working relationship with unions and worker’s organization augres well for the orderly development of our country.

It would not be appropriate for me to enter into a tit for tat with the Union Leaders who have made calls for me take a certain course as regards my position as Parliamentary Secretary.  I believe that in light of my explanation, the matter of resignation or apology does not arise.  I would be happy to engage in a private dialogue with Union leaders on this and any other subject at a time which is mutually convenient.

I trust that this matter is now at an end.