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BORROWED VACCINES ARRIVE: The Bahamas has received 3,496 doses of the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine as the result of a donation from the British Overseas Territories of Montserrat and Anguilla, with the assistance of United Kingdom High Commissioner Sarah Dickson. 21 July 2021. The Bahamas Government allowed the country to run short of vaccines even after announcing measures to punish people who do not choose to get a vaccine. Our phot of the week shows Dr. Merceline Dahl Regis as the vaccines arrived. Photo by Patrick Hanna BIS



07/25/21 1:51 PM

The Public Service Minister Brensil Rolle, who has a less than stellar reputation for being upfront, told an informant that if he could produce proof that John Pinder, the FNM Candidate for Fox Hill, still had the Government’s car in his possession, he would pay him 1000 dollars. That was on 22 July 2021.  We don’t know how it turned out.

However, on 21 July 2021 one day after declaring that he was
retired : from the public service, John Pinder, was seen painting his FNM headquarters in Fox Hill with the government car parked up in front of the building. Bold as bookie.

Mr. Pinder was confronted by the press about the matter and his reply was that he still had the car because he intended to buy the car.

Well since he “intended” to buy the car, that meant that the car was still the Government’s car.  Right?  He said he was retired and that means he was no longer a Government employee.

Questions: Is this a sweetheart deal?  Given what he said about not accepting the nomination until the FNM fixed his pension, was this part of the deal to get him to take the nomination for Fox Hill?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 24th July, 2020 up to midnight:  370,470;
Number of hits for the month of July up to Saturday, 24th July, 2020 up to midnight:  1,243,234;
Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 24th July, 2020 up to midnight:  8,550,482.




07/25/21 3:03 PM

The Attorney General Carl Bethel can’t win one case.  Remember his losing the cases of Shane Gibson and Frank Smith.  Then he lost the cases of the injunctions to Fred Smith, the quirky lawyer from Grand and Bahama, who likes to fight for non-Bahamians. The latest two: a freezing order against someone accused of being a  Mafioso from Italy was discharged by the courts



Eddie Robinson, Owner Of Bonneville Bones Dies

07/25/21 2:09 PM

He was a Bahamian success story in the fashion business and he did it on Bay Street, a thing unimaginable in the  pre Pindling era. He, Pat Paul and Jerome Miller helped to set the pace for the new Bahamas in fashion.  The photo below is that of  his torso so we are advised.  He posed for the famous junkanoo lithograph of the late artist Brent Malone. Rest in peace. Gone too soon.




07/25/21 2:52 PM

Black Sambo Commercials

This past week, a supporter of the Free National Movement described the party as having lost its anchor. Today, I wish to add another attribute, under the leadership of Prime Minister, Dr. Hubert Minnis, the FNM has lost its moral compass. The ship of state now has no navigational instrument or captain to navigate the country out of our present dilemma.

The FNM have run out time. They must now face the angry people, and their record of mismanagement in governance over the past four years is troubling. The FNM has been a let down, and a disappointment. Having failed the people, they went back to its old UBP playbook from the late sixties with a whisper campaign based on skin complexion. I remember well, the Ugly adjectives used.

..This week, the FNM started running what I call its “Black Sambo” racist commercials on the cable network until a cease and desist order was issued by URCA. The commercials depicted the leader of the PLP, Mr. Philip Brave Davis in black-and-white photos. This Racist messaging, and these ads are clear Coded messaging. Do you want this short, bald plated, dark skinned (black man) to be Prime Minister? This message, it is hoped, will appeal to the inner secret prejudices of the individual.

We understand that this Racist campaign is costing them roughly $300,000 monthly. Who, but the puppet masters, have this amount of disposable income?
The question is: Who is funding these Uncle Toms?

Why is the FNM running away from its powerful message, “It’s the People’s Time”?

What is the FNM record on hurricane Dorian recovery and restoration on Grand Bahama and Abaco?

Mr. Brave Davis Leader of the PLP is of dark complexion yes; He is, indeed, short in stature, and yes, he is bald plated. Mr. Davis, however, is a man of Integrity, compassion and honesty, and is unquestionably, a man of character. Mr. Davis also understands when devising public policy, looking out for the “least of these” among us is the number one priority. This was his mantra when he served as the former minister of Works. He looked out for, and helped Citizens regardless of political stripes. These are the attributes of a Servant leader. Sadly, we cannot say this of the present government. The racists have been beaten before, and this time, they and their Uncle Tom puppet masters will be beaten again for the good of country. Press on party leader, Press on.

Brian Seymour.




07/25/21 2:05 PM

According to a poll published in The Tribune, the Prime Minister bests the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis when 400 people were surveyed by the FNM pollsters.  The poll isn’t worth the paper its written.  Ragnar Partner’s an American firm said an internal poll surveyed 400 people.  The sample size is inadequate.  The PLP said that while polls are useful, the party does not look over its shoulder.  It is continuing to do its work  A poll released later in the week showed that the PLP is leading the FNM in popularity in the nation.



07/25/21 2:04 PM

24 July 2021

The following statement was issued by Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Opposition:

I am saddened to learn of the passing of the Bahamian business pioneer Hayward Cooper.  He lived a long, fruitful and productive life.  His success was emblematic of the Pindling era for Bahamians under the Progressive Liberal Party.  Mr. Cooper helped to make Freeport a Bahamian city in the truest sense of the word.

The death of Hayward Cooper, Senior, marks the end of a life well lived and the remarkable remains of a legacy that will never die.

Hayward Cooper’s rise from poverty to noted wealth reflects an incredible journey of a poor humble indigenous Grand Bahamian who made good on the opportunities presented to him.  His travel from humble farmer to a corporate giant, speaks to God’s grace, mercy and blessings, hard work, discipline, and an unmatched commitment to family. 

Much more profound than Hayward Cooper’s youthful struggles in Smith’s point, start up meat market in Pinder’s Point, acquisition of the world famous Burger King, Kentucky Fried chicken, Pizza Hut franchises in Grand Bahama and other successful investments, was his role as a passionate Pastor and dedication to spread God’s word. 

His creation of the Doris Minette corporate umbrella and inclusion and active involvement of his children, serves as a model for all Bahamian families. 

Hayward Cooper’s drive to bring souls to Christ and genius to create business opportunities and jobs for countless thousands and yet remain humble without a craving for the limelight, is a thing of historical and legendary beauty.  His programme Good News on ZNS Freeport and his support of the church was well known.

Grand Bahama and The Bahamas have lost a great man.

On behalf of my wife Ann Marie and myself, the Deputy Leader and Mrs. Cooper, the Parliamentary caucus, our five candidates in Grand Bahama, and the entire corps of officers and members of the PLP, we say rest in peace.  Go with God. Blessings.




07/25/21 2:02 PM

Senator Michael Darville

The following statement was issued by Senator Michael Darville who is the Shadow Minister of Health in answer to a statement made by the Minister of Health Renward Wells:

On The New Covid Orders

For Immediate Release

24 July 2021

The Minnis administration in its most recent communication regarding COVID-19 restrictions has defied logic with the number of contradictions in the list they have circulated in the public domain. 

Gyms can function at one third capacity without having a requirement for persons to be vaccinated but persons attending private gatherings of no more than five persons must be vaccinated.

Up to 30 persons can attend a wedding indoor or outdoor without being vaccinated but campaign workers who for the most part work outdoors are limited to gatherings of no more than five persons all of whom must be vaccinated.

We remain concerned about the Minnis administration’s complete failure to procure sufficient vaccines for the public, as well as the almost non-existent public engagement campaigns to address vaccine hesitancy within The Bahamas. At the very least, the government should ensure that there are adequate supplies to vaccinate those impacted by this change.

This is especially important as the new COVID variants rampage throughout the country, exposing the FNM government’s failure to implement a successful strategy to save lives through proper testing, tracking, protecting and retaining our nursing talent.

At this crucial time, the Minnis administration’s complete lack of strategic planning and effective policymaking is costing the Bahamian people dearly.

The fact that this administration has chosen to single out, by category, campaign workers as being required to be fully vaccinated points to what we have contended some time ago – this government is more focused on the upcoming general elections than on protecting the lives of our citizens. 

The Bahamian people are tired of the political games. It is time for the Prime Minister to prioritize people over politics. 

As always, our party’s decisions are guided by the most recent scientific research. We continue to encourage Bahamians to be vaccinated as the best means of protection against COVID-19. We also implore the government to ensure that the policies being implemented reflect the reality on the ground, taking into account any issues with the supply of vaccines and sufficiently addressing concerns about personal freedom and health that the public may have.




07/25/21 2:02 PM

The Parliamentary Commissioner’s office is trying its best to confuse and complicate the simple process of transferring from one constituency to the next. They are requiring your land papers in order to do so.  You must come with a  bill showing that you live at the address you claim. If you don’t have that you must come with evidence of a lease from your landlord or a letter from the person that you are living with.  Imagine the refugees from Dorian living in New Providence and other islands from Abaco and Grand Bahama and what a nightmare this will be.  Philip Davis, PLP Leader, had long ago asked the government to amend the law to provide for those who were displaced by the hurricane. Not a word from the Government.  So what this all adds up to is that by adding these extra requirements to transfer, they are suppressing the vote.  That is the FNM’s path to victory or so they think.



07/25/21 1:53 PM

For Immediate Release

22 July 2021

The following statement is from Senator Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

The suggestion by the leadership of the FNM that the prediction made by PLP Leader, Hon. Philip Brave Davis, related to an early election, speaks to his credibility, is consistent with Dr. Minnis and the FNM’s desperate stretch to falsely and maliciously characterize our leader for nothing more than political gain. Our Leader remains focused on creating opportunities for all Bahamians and not just an elite few, unlike the FNM.

The PLP, like many Bahamians, noted signs of a snap election being called.   

I have publicly stated that Dr. Minnis remains torn on an election date for various reasons. 

The FNM’s National Security Minister told reporters recently that he suspects an early election. So does the leadership of the FNM now questions Mr. Dames’ credibility?

Dr. Minnis has no credibility when it comes to the uncertainty of when the election will be called.

In 2017, Dr. Minnis campaigned against a sitting prime minister being able to hold an election date as a mystery. He promised, among the many things he has not delivered on, a fixed election date. Four years later, Dr. Minnis is trying to play mind games with the Bahamian people. 

We say, Dr. Minnis can call it now or later, the Bahamian people want him and this uncaring and inept FNM government gone. 

The uncertainty surrounding the election has nothing to do with the PLP. Like most things that are not going well in our country: a struggling economy, the mismanagement of Hurricane Dorian and the present COVID-19 pandemic, the high rate of unemployment and gun related violent crime count and so much more together amount to IMF – It’s Minnis’ Fault. 

Dr. Minnis and the FNM must go. 




07/25/21 1:53 PM

For Immediate Release

22 July 2021.

The following statement is from the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

The PLP publicly called out John Pinder on his disrespectful, abusive, corrupt and unethical behaviour and when questioned by the media on this, much like his boss, came up with another self serving and deceitful response- he is looking into purchasing the government’s vehicle.

So the selfish, disrespectful, a abusive, deceitful and shameful behavior of former Labour Director turned FNM politician continues.

He openly campaigned in Fox Hill while he sat as a civil servant in violation of General Orders while he tried to fix himself up financially. This was selfish, disrespectful, abusive of his office and corrupt. 

He politicized the concerns of union leaders as the sitting arbiter conciliator of labour disputes. This was unethical and deceitful. 

He refused to do his job as Labour Director – endorsing the dismissal of 700 Atlantis employees without proper redundancy compensation. This is incompetence, deceitful and selfish.

These developments and behavioural traits are instructive for the residents of Fox Hill because at every opportunity, John Pinder demonstrates why he is unfit to represent the people of Fox Hill.

Mr. Pinder’s conduct, obviously encouraged by the  Prime Minister, is a poor reflection on the FNM. 

John Pinder is shameless and a total disgrace as a public official. 

He must be rejected.




07/25/21 1:51 PM

The following statement was issued by Philip Brave Davis on the completion of the National Basketball Championships in the United States.  Andrea Ayton, the Bahamian player, was having a great season and it was expected that he would best the other team in the finals.  Not to be.  Leading 2 to 0 and one point, his team was overcome and they lost to the  other team.  Mr. Davis told him good job anyway:

22 July 2021

This year’s NBA Finals proved a tough defeat for Bahamian Deandre Ayton and the Phoenix Suns.  While we congratulate the 2021 Champions, Milwaukee Bucks, it is important that we note how proud we are of Deandre Ayton.

Deandre had a remarkable regular season and a productive and exciting playoff run. A Bahamian starting at the centre position and playing a pivotal role in the NBA Finals was a historic and proud experience for our country. 

It is commendable that as Deandre shines on the world stage, he takes every given opportunity to identify with being Bahamian. His ongoing promotion of the Bahamas is priceless.

We congratulate our outstanding native son, Deandre Ayton, and extend best wishes to him as he chases the marked achievement of NBA Championship rings like Bahamian legends Michael Thompson and Rick Fox.

We look forward to Deandre’s visit home this summer to further inspire our future stars and to get some well deserved rest and relaxation. 

The incredible journey from Nassau Village to the NBA continues. 




07/25/21 1:51 PM

The Free National Movement and Hubert Minnis have been running a set of nasty ads about the Leader of the PLP Philip Brave Davis since 2 July 2021. The ads were clearly defamatory and certainly in violation of the standards of broadcasting. Owen Wells, Attorney at McKinney and Turner & Co  wrote on behalf of the Leader of the Opposition to URCA, the regulatory authority and demanded action. Wonder of wonders, they acted and gave an interim order to take the ads down.  They said in their order that immediate action was required because not to do so would cause irreparable harm to Mr. Davis.  The FNM ought to apologize for running the ad and they ought to be made to pay compensation to Mr. Davis and so does Cable Bahamas for injury to his reputation.



07/25/21 1:51 PM

So with the covid numbers wildly out of control, the country opened up to tourists from America, where the numbers are also wildly out of control, the hospitals in The Bahamas announcing: don’t bring me your sick and tired unless it’s an emergency; the Minister of Health Renward Wells announced that the country is to shut down again.  He announced some half way measures on 223 July 2021 which will  prohibit eating in doors again, will cut down on church services again, which will stop humans from roaming after ten in the night until 5 in the morning and the best of all it will stop the PLP from campaigning unless the people are vaccinated. So the police who have real crimes to spot and criminals to catch will have the duty of  checking people who don’t have a vaccine and writing them a ticket or are they going to arrest them? What a set of asses these FNM Ministers are.  The Prime Minister is to add insult to injury by addressing the country further on the matter later today.

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