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FNM JUNK: this picture circulated widely on social media showing FNM paraphernalia for the next general election. It dropped off a truck carrying it to storage and ended up in the streets. That is where junk belongs dumped on the open road. Our photo of the week. It’s called poetic justice.



07/18/21 1:29 PM

So the decree went out on Tuesday night that there is to be an election.  So said our trusted Prime Minister to his troops the night before.  He told then that this would be a sprint and not a marathon.  It would be a short campaign.

Of course the law provides for a short campaign and every election since Sir Lynden Pindling amended the law, it has been for the minimum 21 days. That is not news.

The problem we have is a fellow who doesn’t know anything about anything at the helm of the country and  that is the Prime Minister and that he needs to go.

Never mind though, he was questioned by the press at the end of the week on Friday 16 July 2021.  He started  bobbing and weaving, telling the press that all he is doing is getting the troops ready.

The PLP said ready or not, just bring it on.

The question you have to ask yourself is what does this fellow Hubert Minnis see that we don’t see. He is clearly on the ground and out front the most unpopular  Prime Minister in the history of the country and certainly the most unpopular man in the country today.

His Minister of Health Renward Wells tried to help him out by suggesting that the emergency orders will fall away on 13 August 2021 and will not be renewed.

He didn’t mention one little thing, the hospital wards are full and the hospital said don’t bring any more to us unless it’s an emergency.

That is what we face. A country  wide open, overwhelmed by covid cases and a Prime Minister who thinks he is popular because he saved our lives from  covid.  As Shakespeare’s Hamlet said : Why what an ass am I.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 17th July, 2021 up to midnight:  426, 443;
Number of hits for the month of July up to Saturday, 17th July, 2021 up to midnight: 872,762;
Number of hits for the year 2021 up to Saturday, 17th July, 2021 up to midnight: 8,180,010.




07/18/21 1:35 PM

The Leader of the Opposition wrote to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the routine renewal of the US Visa offered and renewed on two previous occasions since the general election of  2017 to the Opposition’s spokesman for Foreign Affairs Senator Fred Mitchell. Everything was routine, except that there seemed to be a holdup  which could not be explained.  It was thought that the Americans might have been the reason. Turns out that the reason was that the Minister intervened and decided that the application should not be advanced because according to the Ministry there was no a precedent for the  visa for a Senator.  The information has not been confirmed but if that is the reason then it is obviously foolish in the face of it because they processed the visa applications on two previous occasions.  The more likely answer is political.  The Minister knows that he is considered a fool by the PLP, a useless party hack who has failed the people of Abaco, burying the dead from Dorian in a mass grave, a wannabe  preacher who has suffers from bumptiousness and  full of himself  but whether or not you are a fool, you should do your job dispassionately. Fortunately, he can count his reign in weeks. No doubt the Senator will live with yet another petty slight.



07/18/21 1:34 PM

( Originally from Bahamas Press)

NASSAU| In the four years since the termination of Leon Williams as CEO in 2017, BTC has gone through 3 CEOs: Dexter Cartwright, Gary Sinclair and now Andre Foster. Nothing seems to have gone right for BTC in the last 4 years. 

Annualized Revenues have dropped $167 Million, from $348 Million to $181 Million. CBL Annualized Revenues are $200 Million for the same period. 

BTC has 181 K mobile customers now while ALIV has 186 K mobile customers. 

BTC’s Fixed Line business is materially stagnant. 

BTC’s EBITDA (is essentially net income (or earnings) with interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization added back. EBITDA can be used to analyze and compare profitability among companies and industries, as it eliminates the effects of financing and capital expenditures) in 2015 was $122 Million.

At the time Liberty Global paid 10.7 times EBITDA or $7.4 Billion for the acquisition of Cable & Wireless/BTC. BTC’s value in  the $7.4 Billion sale would be $122 Million X 10.7 or $1.31 Billion. 

Let us remind you now of the “Steal of the Century”: in 2011 C&W acquired BTC for $148 Million. 

Employees say that BTC’s Executive Leadership have no plans for Top Line Growth, no Vision and no Strategy to mitigate the loss of Market Value or loss of Market Share to CBL & ALIV.

Their only plan is to send staff home. 914 (Repairs), 916 (Information) and many Services have been outsourced to the Caribbean.  Bahamian employees in these areas have been sent home!

And we have heard nothing from the Majority Share Holder, the Minnis Administration. Absolutely nothing!

BTC announced its Enhanced VSEP (Voluntary Separation of Employment Packages) earlier this year which was met with fierce objections by both Unions (BCPMU and BCPOU). 

After advertising for a Director of People (HR),  three (3) Candidates responded. The position, however, was given to the most unqualified person of the three: Darren Turnquest. He has no HR, Industrial Relations, Pension or Health & Safety experience. He has no experience dealing with Unions or the Labour Board and Tribunal. 

As a result of his selection, one of the Candidates, a long serving Senior Manager in the BTC HR Department, resigned. 

Union Elections are around the corner in June and so are negotiations for new Industrial Agreements. We shall see how Mr. Turnquest fares. 

BTC is in the process of selling BTC’s Headquarters on JFK and moving its Corporate Headquarters to Perpall Track.  

With the exception of Loftus Roker, who built the JFK headquarters and who is still very much alive, other former Ministers with responsibility for BTC, Bernard J Nottage, Bradley B E Roberts and PM Pindling (who dedicated the Building), must be rolling over in their graves. 

When vacating the BTC Headquarters Building, many important, historical documents and artifacts have been shredded or destroyed. History LOST!

Perpall Track is where, over the years, BaTelCo/BTC has had its Stores, Vehicle Depot & Repairs Department. It was never designed for a Corporate Headquarters. 

Hon. Loftus Roker did not think the Citi Bank Building on Thomspon Blvd., where UB has its Bookstore, was good enough for BaTelCo so that’s why the JFK Headquarters was constructed on his watch. 

This should tell you what Liberty Global and BTC CEO Andre Foster think about the value of Bahamians! It should also tell you what the Minnis-led FNM thinks about Bahamians. I forgot. Minnis said he will take care of us in his next term. 

Last week, CEO Andre Foster secretly paid Merit Bonuses to some staff but left many hard working Employees out. 

Staff morale and staff engagement at the Company are at their lowest levels in history. The Unions seem to be handicapped. 

BTC is loosing its Intellectual Property. Seasoned, experienced Managers are fleeing out the door because they are tired, while CEO Andre is importing his friends from CBL. 

The new incoming Administration led by Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C. will have much work to do to reduce the bleeding of the 51% of the BTC shares owned by the Bahamian People and to try and restore some semblance of the BTC that once was Number One in the Caribbean. 

Liberty Global, Cable & Wireless and CEO Andre and his Cronies have no commitment to keeping The Bahamas on the Cutting Edge of Technology. 

What value have they added to BTC that BTC could not have added all by itself?

But hey, we ga report and let yinner decide!



Bahamian Artist Antoine Wallace On Cultural Policy

07/18/21 1:53 PM

NASSAU, BAHAMAS: It’s just simply amazing to me that we as a people have not truly recognized and Honoured our Bahamian Artists. ( Not Political).

             Yes, I am using my (British) spelling today, as a humble graduate of Queens College (1984). I will take this opportunity to pay my respects to Revd . Charles Sweeting, a Giant of a Man who I had the Honour of sharing the stage with amongst others. I say no more. May His Soul Rest In Peace 🙏🙏.                                               I must mention Karla Moore, Yes, the Fmr. Wife of Harry C. Moore: Many of our top talented Bahamian Students were able to attend the INTERLOCHEN ARTS CAMP /ACADEMY !! 🙌🙌. The Library at U.B. (More Later) 🙌🙏. What is the challenge between the Music Unions !!  One Established and one about to be established. BMSU & the newly to be formed Union (UAB) by my Friend Linc Scavella ??  We have never come together as one. There have been many attempts at Unity, but for Naught. We need to get the Politics out of Culture !! Are we Our Brother s & Sisters Keeper ?!🇧🇸✊  Should there be a Ministry of Culture, separate from all  ?? I say Yes. I lament my the plight and internal fortitude of my Mentors: E. Clement  Bethel, (deceased) Dr. Nicolette Bethel, Fmr Director, Cultural Affairs, my Fmr. Boss, then Patricia Bazard, (deceased), Cleophus Adderley, (deceased) Andrew Curry (deceased), Pauline Glasby (deceased), Shawn Hanna (deceased), Fred Ferguson ( ALABAMA), Andrew Curry (deceased), Lawrence Carroll and many more. Please Note that my Fmt . Boss & Her Husband are still alive. “,”Shakespeare In Paradise”  Their lives are still vibrant and focused on our Cultural, Ambassadors of Culture , My words, the great Philip Burrows. I must commend  the great Maestro, Adrian Archer. “Maestro”. I  & We will always Consult 🙏🙏In my humble opinion as we move forward as “Creatives,” let us work together as One, no divisions, One Union, one artistic entity working  together. No Artist is an Island. Mystro, K.b, Alia, Stevie S, Geno D, Ancient Man, Dyson, Wendy , Sweet Emily, Freddie Munnings, and all y’all new and upcoming Artists: We will support you. Who is We ?? We Are YOU !!                                               Stay Tuned: We Listen , Learn & with Your Help, We Implement.  One Love, One People, One Bahamas 🇧🇸🇧🇸 🙏🙏✊💪✊✊ PART 1: STAY TUNED…..


The Lying FNM Poll In The Punch

07/18/21 1:53 PM

The Punch claimed that there was a poll done by the Free National Movement.  It reported in its edition of Thursday 15 July 2021 that Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister was going to call a general election, dissolving the House this week, because the poll showed that he was more popular than Philip Brave Davis and that this was the time to go to the country.  Only thing is when you read the information, The Punch itself and the FNM’s own poll shows that 52 per cent, you got that right more than half the people, are undecided. The poll is fake and the numbers can’t be trusted. But Hubert Minnis has another problem, he can’t read the tea leaves.  He is the most unpopular man in this country right now.


Free Breakfast In Fox Hill

07/18/21 1:53 PM

17 July 2021

Senator Fred Mitchell with potential constituents at the free breakfast put on by the Fox Hill Branch of the PLP.  A great time was had by all.  The team was led by Branch Chair Tami Ferguson Culmer on the Fox Hill Parade Grounds 17 July 2021.  Anthony Gardner and his sister Georgette joined in, as  new partners in the team.




07/18/21 1:35 PM

UBP Alive And Well

In May 2017, a rebranded racist United Bahamian Party recreated itself fifty (50) years after being vanquished in 1967 by the political force what stood for equality and social justice. The PLP.

The Progressive Liberal Party never fully appreciated that political power without economic empowerment was no power at all. In recent years the PLP has become embarrassed and timid about its Bahamianization policy, or economics set aside where only Bahamians could be licensed, exclusively, to operate certain businesses. This PLP policy is one of the timeless cornerstones that uplifted all our people. We as a people must unapologetically hold on to this doctrine. This policy, given are population and size, is our guardrail of protection; if we are to survive, and not be swallowed up. The new thinking of globalization is an anathema to the Bahamian way of life.

The policy of Bahamianization is the only way meaningful change will ever come to the masses fully participating in the local economy.

Should we choose to abandon this fundamental policy, our people will soon become pilgrims and slaves in their own land with strangers telling us what we can and cannot do, and how we recreate.

The dormant United Bahamian Party has once again wrestle political power by using surrogates, the Super Uncle Toms among us, to do their bidding. Instead of the old way of buying votes with rice and flour; the new methodology is simply to pay persons not to vote on election day.

In the Fox Hill Constituency on Election Day in 2017, seven hundred (700) eligible voters decided not to vote. In Bain’s and Grant’s Town, 800 people stayed away from voting. Convincing large numbers numbers of registered voters not to vote on Election Day is the new Insidious way to Election Day Victory.

To all PLP candidates, my suggestion to you is messaging. It must be simple, “once you are registered”, you do not need a voters card on Election Day to vote. Not voting on Election Day is in fact voting for greedy people whose god is money. These are the people, after these many years, who still have no faith or confidence in majority rule. This speaks to a deeper problem that should have dissipated with the passage of time. Deep-seated Racism is the sad truth, it is the enemy of equality. The super Uncle Toms Among Us have been given a blank check to, once again, seize political power and do their unpatriotic bidding. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

Think About It.

Brian Seymour




07/18/21 1:51 PM

12 July 2021 Clarence Town, Catholic Cemetery

The PLP family led by Senator Fred Mitchell at the graveside following the ceremony.  The homily was by Rev Fr. Kari Marcelle

Tyrel Young, PLP Candidate and Mavis Adderley, PLP Branch Chair

From left at the Deadman’s Cay airport 12 July 2021: Telia Saunders, T’ Sean Mott, Tyrell Young, Senator Fred Mitchell, Sirnardo Hart,  Danielle Evans



07/18/21 1:46 PM

The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Senator Fred Mitchell in response to a misleading announcement made by the Parliamentary Commissioner on Election Law:

15 July 2021

The Progressive Liberal Party draws public attention to a public notice published in the local newspapers (on 15 July) from the Parliamentary Registration Department (PRD) on the registration requirements for new voters and transferees.

We immediately point out that the condition for transferring as laid out in the public notice is wrong in law. Voters who transfer to a new Constituency can legally vote in their former constituency up to one year after transferring if they chose to.

The government must correct this error.

Further, according to the public notice, voters registering for the first time need only swear an affidavit of their current residence. Transferees on the other hand are required to produce evidence of current residence. This latter is a serious impediment to transferees, in particular displaced Bahamians from the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama who are currently living with family and friends.

The government must have recognized that this imposition on transferees in light of the extraordinary circumstances of Dorian amounts to voter suppression.

The Prime Minister should use the discretion of his office to expand the voting franchise and encourage voter participation – not to suppress the vote. Many Bahamians view this as a pernicious and an underhanded political tactic by a vulnerable government led by a Prime Minister desperate to hang onto power.

Certainly, this discretionary policy is offensive to the spirit and initial intent of the Constitution regarding the voting franchise.

Further, the need to transfer by thousands of Bahamians is significantly magnified and complicated by the government’s ill-advised decision to use the 2017 voters register as the permanent register rather than creating a new permanent register as was recommended by the PLP.

It is our considered view that based on information coming to our attention – literally thousands of voters would be disenfranchised – rendered ineligible to vote because they would have moved from their place of residence where they registered (in 2017) for more than one year.

The Progressive Liberal Party also takes grave exception to the threatening tone and tenor of the notice in regards to the ‘consequences’ voters can face if they fail to meet the above requirements.

The government is strongly advised to revisit this half-baked discretionary policy with a view to protecting the rights and privileges guaranteed to every Bahamian under the Constitution.




07/18/21 1:45 PM

The FNM has gone crazy this past week.  They placed a new attack ad on the cable television stations claiming all sorts of nasty things against Philip Brave Davis.  Hubert Minnis and the Chairman of the FNM Carl Culmer must answer for this unsavory conduct.  The PLP must strike back and strike back hard.  If it is character that the FNM wants to talk about, then we should have plenty to say about the character of Hubert Minnis.



07/18/21 1:43 PM

Senator Fred Mitchell with Rev Adam Brown at the Ebenezer Union Baptist Church in Rollevlle in Exuma for the Independence Sunday service 11 July 2021. One of the V Brave Men Donneldo Harris was there for the occasion.



07/18/21 1:43 PM

From left Philip Mc Kenzie, Valentine Grimes, Kevin Simmons and Danny Johnson.

The Election Coordinator for the PLP met with the Leadership in Grand Bahama to go over the campaign logistics on that island on 14 and 15 July 2021



07/18/21 1:35 PM

It was remarkable. On 13 July 2021, The Tribune carried a story about an attempt by the Government to find out whether there was an appetite to  carry a bridging loan amongst the commercial banks until they got in place their international bond for 700 million.  One observer said it seemed that this was deliberately leaked to the press as a way of  pressuring the banks to do so.  Many Banks are reaching their regulatory limit as to how much debt from the Government they can carry on their books. Another observer said: “A reading points to the dire straight the government is in essentially for more than six weeks begging the banks for a loan. This is not good. Proof positive that there is high degree of scepticism about the recently released debt management plan.

“Within financial circles there is a growing view which suggest that delaying the election is actually costing the country financially.

“Lenders know that what is happening is electioneering.

“They are asserting that the government needs a new mandate and the freedom to get on with the prospect of sustainable reform.”



07/18/21 1:30 PM

16 July 2021

The following statement was issued by Senator Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party:

Now that former Labour Director, John Pinder, is now ratified as the FNM’s candidate for Fox Hill and is hopefully no longer using the government’s car and resources to campaign in contravention of the rules, he still has some serious questions to answer to the residents of Fox Hill and the wider Bahamas.

When and why did John Pinder and Prime Minister Minnis decide to secretly plot to get rid of the failed sitting FNM MP for Fox Hill and how does John Pinder propose to apologize and make up for the FNM’s neglect and bad treatment endured by the good people of Fox Hill for more than four years?

Among the many uncaring and inept acts demonstrated by John Pinder during his most recent stint as Labour Director, how does he explain his betrayal of union leaders and members by publicly dismissing their genuine concerns about the troubling state of labour relations in the country and giving the ok for Atlantis Resort to let go 700 Bahamian workers without their full separation packages? Needless to say, a significant number of those terminated workers or their family members live in Fox Hill.

Finally, how and why does John Pinder and the FNM expect Fox Hill constituents to support a prime minister who immediately upon his rise to power in 2017 – burdened Bahamians with increased taxes, spent unknown millions of dollars to unsuccessfully prosecute PLP members, and later mismanaged the recovery of Hurricane Dorian and the present COVID-19 pandemic?

Thousands of Bahamians remain homeless, jobless and hopeless since Dorian.

Bahamians continue to die from the coronavirus. Our major health care facility has a bed, equipment, and nurse shortage.

This FNM government has paid no meaningful attention to the plight of Fox Hill’s residents and much of the community initiatives brought to life by the PLP were killed during this term by John Pinder’s FNM.

Dr. Minnis, John Pinder, and the FNM will not fool the people of Fox Hill this time.

They must go.


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