New Freeport Fire Station

19th December 2015 Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis tours new Freeport fire station PHOTO CAPTION In Grand Bahama on Friday, 18th December 2015 to participate in the groundbreaking and contract signing ceremonies for the new $6.55 million Fishing Hole Causeway, Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Philip Davis led a government delegation including the Minister […]

The Opposition’s Christmas Lunch At Government House

15 December The official group photo shows seated from left: Hon. Hubert Chipman, MP  for St. Anne’s; Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, MP for Killarney and Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition; Her Excellency the Governor General; the Hon. Peter Turnquest, MP for East End Grand Bahama, and Deputy Leader, and Senator the Hon. Lanisha Rolle. Standing from left: […]

Ken Dorsett Gives To The Young

For Immediate Release December 17th, 2015 Hon. Kenred M.A. Dorsett Member of Parliament for Southern Shores RE: Partial Scholarships Granted to Students of Anatol Rodgers Two male graduates of Anatol Rodgers High School have been presented with partial scholarships to attend the College of The Bahamas. This is the fulfillment of a commitment that I […]

Mitchell Addressing the House On Immigration Matters

Photo by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services  14 December 2015 COMMUNICATION BY FRED MITCHELL MP MINISTER FOR IMMIGRATION RESPONDING TO THE GRAND BAHAMA HUMAN RIGHTS  ASSOCIATION AND ONE TOM PAINE House of Assembly Nassau 14 December 2015 Mr. Speaker, I wish to update the House on matters arising concerning immigration since we last […]

Eastwood Has Its Christmas Party

Fred Mitchell MP Fox Hill with constituents in Eastwood at their Christmas Tree lighting on the Eastwood Park. Mr. Mitchell is shown with the leadership of the Eastwood Owners Property Association 13th December.

Lighting The Xmas Tree In Fox Hill

Fred Mitchell MP Fox Hill with Sybil Curtis after whom this year’s Christmas Tree in Fox Hill is named at the tree lighting ceremony on Sunday 13 December at the Fox Hill Parade. With them is Mrs. Curtis family and church leaders of Fox Hill. Photo by Al Dillette.

Christmas Tree Lighting At Freedom Park

For the second time in a week,  there was a Christmas Tree lighting in Fox Hill, this time at Freedom Park on Tuesday 15th December. Foreign Minister and Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell at the Urban Renewal Christmas tree lighting Freedom Park with the leaders of Urban Renewal and a granddaughter of Superintendent Richardson 15th December.  From left Inspector […]

Craig Gomez Attend Red Cross Meeting In Geneva

[L-R] H.E. Rhoda M. Jackson, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the United Nations Office and Other International Organizations in Geneva and Mr. Craig Tony Gomez, President of The Bahamas Red Cross Society, during a courtesy call by Mr. Gomez on Ambassador Jackson, on the occasion of his visit to […]

Damien Gomez Explains

   Statement by the Hon. Damien Gomez  (via the Bahamas Information Services) The “ethical” concerns to which I referred in my interview with the Nassau Guardian do not relate to any impropriety on the part of any of my Cabinet or parliamentary colleagues. Any suspicion that that is what I was insinuating or implying would […]

China Export Import Bank Breaks Its Silence

A statement issued on Thursday 17th December by the normally publicly reticent China Export Import Bank told the Bahamas in public that some unspecified individuals had been making irresponsible statements about their signature project in The Bahamas the Bahamar Project.  You will remember that the project that promised to bring 2500 new hotel rooms on stream and […]

The Case Of The Eleuthera Dental Clinic

Pop singer Lenny Kravitz The statement below was issued by the Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell after a ruckus in North Eleuthera about a dental clinic that was operating under the sponsorship of Lenny Kravitz who is an American pop singer and has Bahamian ancestry and a home in Eleuthera.  While well intentioned, the dentists did […]


The Ministry of Transport headed by Minister Glenys Hanna Martin is requiring all drones imported into the country to be registered with immediate effect.  This will become mandatory on 1st February 2016 when new rules about their use and importation will have been published. The Minister made her statement in the House of Assembly on 16th December. Here’s […]


Norris Bain speaking at Fishing Hole Road ceremony 18 November From Tristan Lockhart’s Facebook page    The pile up of converts to the PLP continues with the announcement that the defeated FNM candidate for Marco City in the last general election in Grand Bahama Norris Bain has joined the PLP.  To confirm it publicly Mr. Bain […]


STATEMENT FROM THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 17 December 2015  The following statement is released for public information.  This statement is excerpted from a speech given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Honorary Consular Corps Luncheon on Tuesday 15 December.  It is in response to the ruling of Justice Petra […]


Eight Bahamian nationals were today, treat 14th December 2015, extradited to the United States pursuant to the Extradition Act. The extradited men are : 1 Sheldon Moore 2 Gordon Newbold 3 Melvin Maycock, Sr. 4 Bryan Deal 5 Lyndon Deal 6 Carl Culmer 7 Torrey Lockhart 8 Wilfred Ferguson  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration 14th December, 2015

THIS WEEK IN THE BAHAMAS 14 to 18 December – By Elcott Coleby

The House met from Monday to Thursday principally to continue debate on the amended Honours Bill and the compendium of Petroleum Bills that will collectively “address the reformation and transformation of the upstream petroleum sector” and “govern the Petroleum industry here in our country” according to the bills’ sponsor, cialis the Hon. Kenred Dorsett. The […]