The following is a statement by Fred Mitchell MP, the former Student Council President of St Augustine’s College in Nassau for the Class of 1970 of which the late Bishop Solomon Humes of the Church of God of Prophecy was a member.  Mr. Mitchell writes in connection with the leaks from the so called Panama Papers:  […]

Brent The Election Coordinator

Brent Symonette, former Deputy Prime Minister One thing Frank Watson the former Deputy Prime Minister of the FNM will not have to worry about when the next election campaign comes up is whether he has a rich election coordinator.  It appears that Brent Symonette who has been floating the idea of running against Melanie Griffin MP […]

Hubert Intends To Check Himself Out Then Check Back In

Hubert Ingraham, former Prime Minister Friends of Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister, and now a man of leisure is dreaming once again as a result of a full court press from his demoralized FNM partisans, of coming back to run for office.  Friends say that Mr. Ingraham and his wife will  soon take off for a full medical. […]

Urban Renewal At Work In Fox Hill

Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell with the Fox Hill Urban renewal team headed by Inspector Dino Josey at second from left and consultant Calvin Brown second from the right at special service for the seniors of Fox Hill 7th April at St Mark’s.

Mitchell With Doris Johnson Men’s Team

Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell with the winning basketball team from Doris Johnson Sr. High being presented with a token of appreciation at a special ceremony 8 April. Coach Denycko Bowles and on the other side of the Minister is Headmaster James Clarke.

Mitchell On Fred Smith Q C

Fred Mitchell MP ( photo by Peter Ramsay of BIS)  6 April 2016  I have read with tiresome regularity a number of statements attributed to the attorney for Save The Bays Fred Smith Q C. The public nor the press should be fooled or intimidated by him and his words. No Member of Parliament on the PLP side including this […]

The FNM Says They’re All Together

This picture surfaced on Facebook of the two antagonists who once led the FNM.  Loretta Butler Turner on the right and Dr. Hubert Minnis, the now leader on the left.  They say they’re having a convention in November.  She is expected to contest the leadership again, given the widespread dissatisfaction with Dr. Innis leadership.  But for now they are […]

Gilbert Morris With Former PM Owen Arthur

Dr. Gilbert Morris    Owen Arthur, former Prime Minister of Barbados  Dr. Gilbert Morris, the political commentator, writes as follows: “The Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur and I had a friendly debate about the future of the Caribbean here in Turks and Caicos put on by Fortis the power company. This is the 3rd such event. […]

Is This A Rugby Team Or What?

Nephew of MP Fred Mitchell  Nicholas Mitchell posing with his mates on the Rugby Field.  Impressive.  But then they say when you’re running the 400 metres by yourself you always look fast.  LOL


What Does China Want From The Bahamas? Friday, April 8th, 2016 What China wants from The Bahamas  ?- is an essential question for those monitoring the implications and assessing the risk imposed on the nature of China’s economic, social, and political engagement with the Commonwealth. There’s a sustained perspective that China’s growing presence in the […]


THIS WEEK IN THE BAHAMAS (4 – 8 APRIL 2016) COMMENTARY BY ELCOTT COLEBY THE LEAKED “PANAMA PAPERS” In the wake of leaked documents by the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca dubbed the ‘Panama Papers’ comprising more than 11.5 million files on international banking and investment data spanning some forty years by countless clients, the […]


  WASHINGTON, D.C., 7 April, 2016 — Oswald T. Brown, Press, Cultural Affairs and Information Manager at the Bahamas Embassy in Washington, D.C., is pictured with his bride, Elisabeth Ann Hillman, following their wedding today in a civil ceremony at the D.C. Superior Court. From left to right are Claire Webb, who flew in from Leeds, England, for […]