Tribune photo by Aaron Davis Are we a nation of idiots, fools and dupes?  You have to ask that question as you watch this foolish drama, soap opera unfolding, led by Loretta Butler Turner, the new Leader of the Opposition, and her stalwart six Members of Parliament.  The appointment of Branville McCartney for 30 pieces […]


New York NEW YORK –The Hon. Forrester Carroll (right), Bahamas Consul General to New York, and his wife Dr. Valencia Carroll (left) are pictured with outgoing United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and Mrs. Ban Ki-Moon at a farewell reception for the UN Secretary-General hosted by the CARICOM Caucus to the UN at Bahamas House, 231 […]


19 December to 23 December 31,735 jobs added to the economy in 4.5 years The latest labour statistics were released by the Department of Statistics on Wednesday of this week where the department reported that since May 2016, “the unemployment rate declined from 12.7% to 11.6% due to an increase (4,025) of employed persons and […]


Photos by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held its first Christmas concert specially produced by Adrian Archer and including the Highgrove Singers, the Bell Canto Singers directed by Eldridge McPhee, the Golden Gates Church Choir, directed by Trent Davis and the Golden Gates Bell Ringers with featured artists.   […]

Loretta Is Mixed Up Like Conch Salad

Instead of shutting up and being quiet, Loretta Butler Turner, the new Leader of the Opposition, keeps digging a deeper hole for herself and won’t stop. She was in the press on Saturday 24 December, the eve of Christ’s birth, defending the appointment of Rodney Moncur.  That appointment of Rodney Moncur is indefensible. No amount […]

The New “FNM” Senators Sorry Loretta’s Senators

All the worlds a stage…  Loretta Butler Turner, the New Leader of the Opposition, who has no party, with these new appointments thinks that the country is a big doll house Senator Rodney Moncur then And at Government House on Tuesday 20th December receiving the instruments of appointment as a Senator. Senator Branville McCartney getting […]

Dr. Minnis’ Young Candidates

On Thursday 22 December, Hubert Minnis the FNM Leader, announced the candidacy of two new young men Adrian Gibson to replace Loretta Butler as the FNM’s candidate for Long Island and James Albury who works for the The Abaconian newspaper.  Mr. Gibson is 35, Mr. Roberts 23.  He joins Travis Robinson who is 21 and […]

Ground Breaking In Eight Mile Rock

Prime Minister Perry Christie presided over the ground-breaking for a brand new administration complex in Eight Mile Rock in Grand Bahama on Thursday 22 December with his Ministers Obie Wilchcombe, Michael Darville and Glenys Hanna Martin.  The building is to be named after former West End MP the late Moses Hall.

Central Bank Provides Cheaper Credit

Despite the Standard Poors decision to downgrade our investment grade status, the Central Bank of The Bahamas said that the state of the reserves was sufficiently robust to lower the Bahamian prime interest rate. The decision is significant in that it lowers the cost of borrowing by four tenths of a percent. This will have the […]

Michael Hosts The Kids To The Popeye Bowl

The Popeye’s Bowl has become a feature of Christmas life in The Bahamas. It’s a game between US college teams played right here in Nassau at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium and broadcast live by ESPN.  Golden Isle MP Michael Halkitas sponsored 60 children from his area to watch the game with him and oh […]

The Anti-Gay Pastors Moss, Bethel and Stewart At It Again

Alfred Stewart Lyall Bethel Cedric Moss Just in time for Christmas the gringe visited upon the Bahamian pastors who hate gay people so much that they use any opportunity to attack them.  It is to the point where you wonder if these folks has some secret proposition visited upon them some gay person why they […]

Standard And Poors Does Stupidness

You don’t have to be a financial wizard or genius to know that The Bahamas was hit by a hurricane in October of this year by the name Matthew.  The hurricane caused an estimated one billion dollars of physical damage; the country is still trying to recover.  The country was shut down for four days […]

Walt Saunders Backs Out Of Inagua Fight

There was a set of announcements last week that Walt Saunders who was to be the FNM’s standard bearer in the next general election in Mical was withdrawing from the race because of sickness.  He was a bright and shining star but burned out in the firmament before he could shed any light.   He claims […]

Getting Used To Trump

Every week, we see it happening. The outrage that the critics especially the white ones had for Donald Trump, the President elect of the United States and his overt racism and misogyny now turning to grudging admiration.  Mr. Trump it appears is becoming the new normal as he trashed President Obama and his work even while […]

Henry Dean Spreads Good Cheer

Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell getting his gift supply of fruits from Henry Dean of United Sanitation. Each year Mr Dean spreads good cheer to families and friends by giving out fruits on Christmas Eve 24 December.