The state opening of Parliament in 1967 took place on 9th February.  That was the first time that a government led by Black men and women was holding the reins of power in the House of Assembly since its history as an Assembly began in 1729.  The irony of that in retrospect is that while […]


Late on Saturday 7 January a letter purportedly signed by Loretta Butler Turner, the Leader of the Opposition, conceded her fate as determined by the FNM.  It now appears that she is no longer officially an FNM.  The letter follows: Dear Executive Members, The actions undertaken by yourselves and the Council, combined with the public […]


(2 – 6 JANUARY 2017) GOVERNMENT RELEASES FLY FISHING REGULATIONS It was twenty-three years in the making said industry stakeholders, but on Wednesday of this week, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources the Hon. V. Alfred Gray announced that on Monday, the 9th January, 2017 regulations governing the $500 million fly fishing industry will come […]


MIXED REACTIONS TO VAT EXEMPTION ON BAHA MAR COMPLETION A leaked email from the project’s general contractor, Chinese Construction of America (CCA), revealed that all companies and suppliers working on the resort would be exempt from VAT. It was published in the media on Thursday of this week. Reactions to the news were mixed. Deputy […]


Bradley Roberts told The Tribune last week that Renard Henfield ought to go get his head examined  We think that is the quote of the week.  It is a fitting response to the very idea that this man Renard Henfield and his criminally convicted buddy John Bostwick  have that the PLP should join their march, […]


He started out with such great promise in the PLP, but within two years crashed and burned.  Now he is engaged in a futile attempt to launch a nationwide party.  He will not save his seat in Grand Bahama in the next election.   Greg Moss, who heads something called the UDP or UDM, tried to […]


4 January 2017 The following post appeared on the Facebook Page of Candia Dames who is the Managing Editor of The Nassau Guardian.   She was commenting the actions of the Black Friday March organizer Renard Henfield.  Here is what she said in her own words: THE “We March” BALL OF CONFUSION: The original message of […]


We congratulate the Minister for Fisheries for the new rules which will come into effect on Monday 9 January on fly fishing. From then on everyone will need a licence to do so. Further, no foreign fishermen can come in here and lead people as guides, collect the money and go. All guides are to […]

Glenys Hanna Martin Posts On Facebook About Women Registering

6 January 2017 It is very much the talk of the town that a woman was turned away from registering because too much of her breasts was showing.  The Minister of Transport Glenys Hanna Martin continues the public commentary: It is outrageous that women are being turned away from exercising a fundamental right reportedly because […]

Citizenship By Investment American Double Standard

Last week CBS News in the United States carried a story on their programme Sixty Minutes which savages the citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean, castigating Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia and Dominica.  In one report they said that Rudy King, a Bahamian citizen, who has been involved in a […]

What Have We Become

Posted by Ken Arku on Facebook “This artwork is so powerful, it depicts what’s going on in our society today. People will rather standby to record videos and take pictures to post on social media pages rather than helping a victim in need.  6 January 2016.”   That was a note appended to the painting displayed […]

Death In Fox Hill

Jervis Roker Statement by Fred Mitchell MP On Foxdale Murder In The Fox Hill Constituency FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4th January 2017 The son of a dear friend and supporter was murdered tonight in a drive by shooting in the Foxdale subdivision of Fox Hill. I have spoken to Laverne McPhee, the mother of the deceased, […]

Joan Sawyer Hallucinating Politically

The lady Dame Joan Sawyer is obviously jonesing for the public spotlight again.  This is the former President of the Court of Appeal  who intervened in the debate about  women’s rights and campaigned against gender equality in the referendum last year.  She proved herself to be a right fool and a complete disgrace and let […]

False Row Over Bahamar Taxes

Last week, with blaring headlines, the newspapers claimed that based on a leaked email, the Bahamar project and its construction component would attract no Value Added Tax.  The Opposition went off on tangent about that.  No one said let’s get the darned thing open and we need to get it open and our people back […]

Immigration Needs 900 Staff Members

Last week the Royal Bahamas Defence Force caught 44 Cubans on the southern flank of the country near Cuba and brought them to Nassau.  Last week in a statement to the country from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was revealed that over one thousand Cubans were repatriated to their home country after violating Bahamian […]

D’Aguilar Shut Up And Declare Your Interest

Dionysio D’Aguilar, the motor mouthpiece of Sarkis Izmerlian was at it again in the press demanding that the government disclose all the facts he says about the new Bahamar development.  What precisely does he want to know that has not been disclosed?  The latest intervention came because someone leaked an email to the press which […]

We Hope Obama Sticks Around

This is another one of those engaging pictures which shows why on social media sites originating in The Bahamas, there have been expressions of regret that soon there will be no more President Barrack Obama to  talk about and write about as President.  We can imagine the thrill of those two Black boys in the […]

Loretta Still Seeking To Defend Rodney Moncur

The Tribune reported on 4 January while appearing as a guest on the 91.7 FM show “Morning Madhouse” with host “C-Note,” Loretta Butler-Turner, the Leader of the Opposition, was seeking to defend her indefensible and incomprehensible choice of Rodney Moncur to the Senate of The Bahamas.  Senator Moncur meanwhile is enjoying his new found official […]

The Moncur Mobile

This is the picture of the Moncur Mobile, with the new blue plate of a Senator. It is one of the badges of honour of the office, and gets you a lot of leverage through the traffic but mainly allows you to show off.

Loretta and The Boys

The photo looks like a vintage photo taken with the now Leader of the Opposition Loretta Butler Turner before she reached today’s exalted heights.  They seem to be a crew from Fox Hill.  Wonder what she was doing there?  Circulated on What’s App 5 January.  It was posted on her Facebook Page and she said […]

Loretta’s Bold Coalition

Tribune photo 5 January The political pundits and those citizens who follow these things are still trying to figure of what the end game of Loretta Butler Turner is.  She obviously sees something that most of us don’t see.  Most of us see that she has reached a virtual dead end in her political career.  […]