Minnis Made A Serious Mistake Not Showing Up To The Bahamar Opening

Why would the Leader of the FNM Hubert Minnis choose not to show up at the official opening of Bahamar with 1700 Bahamian workers on the job, presumably some of them FNM. Only FNM that we could count was Tommy Turnquest, the former Minister of National Security.  All the rest of the leadership was missing […]

FNM’s Spread False Propaganda On PM Over Exuma Rally Remarks

  Some silly cow connected to the FNM put on her social media FB page that Prime Minister Perry Christie said in Exuma last evening that even God can’t stop the PLP.  She accused him of blasphemy.  That is nonsense. The clip for yourself.  The levels of depravity these silly folks will go to is […]


THIS WEEK IN THE BAHAMAS COMMENTARY BY ELCOTT G. COLEBY Baha Mar opens An investment journey that began in 2004 is nearing the finish line with a red letter day for The Bahamas in the phased opening of Baha Mar on Friday 21st April 2017. This Cable Beach project, termed the Bahamian Riviera, drew international […]

Fred Smith Attempts To Bribe Fred Mitchell

Fred Smith QC has once more gone over the top.  He circulated a video tape on Saturday 22 April where he is seen speaking and a black man shining his shoes.  Mr. Smith is so mentally obtuse that he probably does not realise how patently offensive his conduct is.  It is purely racist.  The more […]