So let’s get this right.  The PLP according to the FNM’s first Budget Statement delivered by their man Peter on Wednesday 31st May borrowed five billion dollars in 5 years.  So that’s a billion a year if the math is correct.  In the first week though of their reign, Mr. Turnquest, the last name of […]


Organization Of American States 31 May, 2017 Washington DC — Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Darren Henfield, delivering a statement on behalf of CARICOM at the 29th Consultative Meeting of OAS Foreign Ministers on the Situation in Venezuela. Photo Credit: Juan Manuel Herrera/OASBahamas Washington D C WASHINGTON, D.C. — In advance of the Meeting […]

U S Decision On Climate Change Stupid On Its Face

The 2nd June decision on climate change and pulling out of the Paris Accords on Climate Change by Donald Trump, the President of the United States, demonstrates how morally bankrupt the United States is under its present leadership.  The world requires leadership from that country.  Instead it gets insular actions, self-centred immoral conduct and the […]

Caricom Should Speak UP. Bahamas Should Not Be Wobbly

(The statement issued below by Caricom at the OAS meeting called to deal with the situation in Venezuela falls short of the mark. It is mealy mouthed and ineffective. It is time to take stronger action on Venezuela. The situation within the country is deplorable and the government there must be told in no uncertain […]

KB Says He Knows A Corrupt Government But Does He?

In one of the fast- tongued responses on Facebook, the voluble musician and misguided  campaigner Kirk Bodie, aka  KB, no doubt fresh with his Save The Bays money, the organization that corruptly influenced the election of the FNM government, said that he knows a corrupt government when he sees one.  The problem is the present […]

Reece Chipman’s Name All Mixed Up In Phoney Video  

Sometime during the evening of Thursday 1 June, a video started circulating with two men “inflagrante delicato”, full frontal nudity and in the middle of doing it to one another.  People swore it was the member for Centreville, newly elected. If that had been the case, that would have been shocking that someone could be […]

The Budget Statement

The following is the Budget Statement of the Free National Movement from the fiscal year 2017/2018: Budget Communication 2017 – 18 Capital Expenditure Details 2017 – 2018 CSV Capital Expenditure Details 2017 – 2018 PDF Capital Expenditure Summary 2017 – 2018 PDF Draft Estimate of Revenue & Expenditure Overall Estimate of Expenditure 2017 – 2018 […]

Nothing For Freeport In The Budget But Talk

The pictures we show are the pictures of Freeport as it now stands.  Hurricane damage on the tourism infrastructure still not repaired.  Seven months have gone by since Hurricane Matthew.  The Budget Statement by the FNM on 31 May gave no hope to Freeport.  There are five FNMs elected to Freeport seats. The only one […]

The Shadow Cabinet Announced With PLP Constituency Caretakers

Statement from the Leader of the Opposition The Hon. Philip Davis Announcing Decisions from the PLP’s Leadership Council For Immediate Release 1 June 2017 The Leadership Council of the PLP held its first meeting since the General Election on 31st May at the Lynden Pindling Centre. In addition to the officers of the party and […]

Family And Friends Turn Out To Remember Fred Sr. and Lilla Mitchell

Senator Fred Mitchell with Sterling Wilkinson from Bimini, St Agnes Rector Ranfurly Brown, Rev Dr James Moultrie and Paris Cartwright at the service for Fred Sr and Lilla Mitchell at St Agnes Church in Grants Town 29 May Senator Fred Mitchell with former Prime Minister Perry Christie at the end of the memorial service for […]