Senator Fred Mitchell with his siblings at St. Agnes

Senator Fred Mitchell with his siblings seated Marva, Ian and Carla with Matthew standing next to him. Everyone is in town and so they took the photo of the whole family of Fred Sr and Lilla nee Ford at the plaque in St Agnes Church in Grants Town in New Providence 11 June.

Minnis’ Idle Warning On Public Disclosure

Mister neat and clean and corruption free Hubert Minnis is busy threatening people every day.  You never get to see the morals and ethics of a man until he has power in his hands.  Power in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.  You see that now with Mr. Minnis in power.  Now he says […]

Message To Minnis: Don’t Fall Into Error

You would have to laugh except this is serious.  The word is that the government intends to assign ACP Paul Rolle and Superintendent Matthew Edgecombe as part of an anti-corruption unit in the police force to be newly established.  Here we go again.  This is the same playbook of the ill-fated Hubert Ingraham administration.  The […]


The PLP’s Glenys Hanna Martin MP wowed the PLPs when she led off the debate as one of four MPs of the PLP in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 7 June.  The cartoonist Stan Burnside was obviously impressed by her performance, comparing her to Wonder Woman which is now a movie current in The […]

Contribution By The Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin 2016-2017 Budget Debate

Nassau, Bahamas – Minister Of Transport And Aviation And Member Of Parliament For The Englerston Constituency Contribution By The Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin 2016-2017 Budget Debate delivered on Thursday, 16 June, 2016 in the House of Assembly: Mr. Speaker, I rise in this Honourable House to contribute to this 2016/2017 Budget Debate: Mr. Speaker, I […]


PLPs were pleased with the maiden presentation of Chester Cooper MP in the House of Assembly on Thursday 8 June.  In his presentation, Mr. Cooper took the line that the budget is helping the rich and not the poor.  He gave examples of customs reductions which clearly halo the rich and do not help the […]


2017 BUDGET PRESENTATION I.CHESTER COOPER, MP – EXUMA & RAGGED ISLAND AND SHADOW MINISTER OF FINANCE Mr. Speaker, It is with great pleasure that I formally address this House for the first time. It is among the highest honours of my life and I pray that my time here will be fruitful and to the […]

Bradley Roberts Takes On The Washing Machine Man

Press Statement By Bradley B Robert National Chair Progressive Liberal Party 7th June 2017 Will Izmirlian surrogates recuse themselves from ALL Cabinet discussions on Baha Mar? Bahamians have not forgotten that in March 2017 Hubert Minnis told the world that he would seize Baha Mar and sell that resort to an investor of his choosing. […]

The Seawall Contract In Grand Bahama Is Cancelled

These photos are of the retaining sea wall partially completed at Smith’s Point in Grand Bahama, just east of Freeport.  The seawall contract was granted to a local contractor who has now been dismissed, the contract stopped, reviewed and cancelled.  No word on why or when the project is to be restarted.  It is part […]