COMMENTARY BY BAHAMAS SCOOP SOME UNSOLITICTED ADVICE FOR PM MINNIS: THE NEW POLICE ANTI-CORRUPTION UNIT I thought the Royal Bahamas Police Force already had an anti-corruption squad that investigated what is commonly referred to as ‘white collar crime’ but Prime Minister Minnis ordered the establishment of another unit to investigate fraud and corruption. Let us […]


REMARKS BY BRADLEY B. ROBERTS NATIONAL CHAIRMAN PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL PARTY WELCOME REMARKS EASTERN REGION SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING 30TH JUNE 2017 SALUTATIONS A pleasant good evening to all. It is always a pleasure to be in the historic community of Fox Hill – a community that embodies the Bahamian spirit and ethos. Ladies and gentlemen, it […]


Bernard Jonathan Nottage, affectionately known as Doc, on Tuesday past quietly slipped from time to eternity.  Doc can best be described as a realistic and a pragmatic policy maker of his generation.  His driving instinct was to move and develop the Commonwealth of the Bahamas forward.  He understood that the Bahamas was more than just […]

Andrew Burrows to be Moved From His Post At ZNS By The FNM

We have learned since the story on Diana Swann was uploaded that Director of the News Andrew Burrows will stripped of his post and made Director of Special Projects. Former News Director Beverly Curry will been given the job of Assistant General Manager for News. This follows a review of all contracts by the FNM […]


The picture is that of three FNM Senators in the Senate. Here is what Ranard Henfield posted as being relevant to that picture on his Facebook page: “That moment when you just heard the former Foreign Affairs Minister justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to eat quality food, live in quality accommodations and travel […]

2017 Budget Presentation by Senator, Hon., J.L. Coleby-Davis

2017 Budget Presentation Senator, Hon., J.L. Coleby-Davis- Opposition Senator and Shadow Attorney General, Shadow Minister of Legal Affairs, and Youth   Madam President, I feel extremely blessed to formally address this place for the very first time. Additionally, I count this a privilege and one of my most proud moments as a young professional; to […]

Nicolette Bethel Former Director Of Culture Defends Ian Poitier

29 June 2017 The following statement was posted by  Nicolette Bethel, former Director of Culture and now a lecturer at the University of The Bahamas in response to the attack on Ian Poitier by Minister of Tourism Dionysio D’Aguilar.  Mr. D’Aguilar has refused to apologise to Mr. Poitier even though the error of his attack […]

FNM Senators Dotson, Moss and MP Humes Employment Issues

Mark Humes MP Senator Jennifer Isaacs Dotson Senator Jamal Moss These three people have a problem.  They are still active employees of the University of The Bahamas and the Broadcasting Corporation, the latter in the case of Mr. Moss.  The rule at the University of The Bahamas is that you must resign or take a […]

And They Lay Them Off One By One (Foreign Services Officers)

(Photo by Peter Ramsay) Senator Fred Mitchell defended the hired contract officers of the Foreign Service in his presentation on 27 June in the Senate.  He took issue with the Foreign Minister describing low level Foreign Service officers as “superfluous”. Fred Mitchell spoke to the issue of the Foreign Minister Darren Henfield speaking about low […]

The New Police Anti-Corruption Unit… House Closes Until 13 Sept

Tribune photo of Marvin Dames Minister of National Security Obviously the FNM was not ready to govern.  They came to office on 10 May and lied to the Bahamian public by saying they were ready to govern.  They were not.  Proof is they passed the Budget which is prepared by public officials not by them […]