Lester Mortimer Questions The Legality Of FNM Government’s Actions

Are we no longer governed by the rule of law? Dear Editor, 1. How is it that we permit the police to invite suspected persons to their office on the pretext of questioning them about a matter, only to detain the person all day and then make them languish one night in a police cell? […]


The PLP has warned the FNM government of Hubert Minnis that he is now going down a very dangerous road.  He has ignored it.  He tried to belittle the words of the Leader of the Opposition when he warned him in a letter that the treatment meted out to the former PLP parliamentarians was inhumane.  […]

Stupid Fred Smith At It Again: Something About Chips Falling Where They May

Stupid Fred Smith Q C issued yet another one his statements last week.  We can’t remember which of the phoney front organizations he used to spew forth his usual bile.  This time it was to tell people that the PLP should not be concerned about the crooked dealings of the FNM government as they lock […]

Mitchell On The New U S Ambassador

Statement by Fred Mitchell Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs On Reported Comments by Doug Manchester Ambassador Designate of the U S at Senate Hearings 3 August The reported comments of the Ambassador Designate Doug Manchester describing The Bahamas as a protectorate of the United States are patently offensive. They require the immediate demand from our […]

Marvin Dames Will Know What Tit For Tat Means

The following report appeared in The Tribune on Friday 4 August by Krishna Virgil about a speech made by Senator Fred Mitchell in Bimini on 2 August at PLP Branch meeting: IF the Free National Movement loses the next general election, National Security Minister Marvin Dames “will understand what tit-for-tat means,” Senator Fred Mitchell has […]


My Fellow Mount Taborites, As you’d be aware, I am presently out of the country. Of course, you all remain in my thoughts and prayers. A few days ago, a faithful member of our congregation, The Hon. Shane Gibson was arraigned before the magistrate’s court and certain charges were made against him. As you also […]

The Government Doesn’t Know Who Is Working For Them

The Public Service Minister, newly promoted to substantive Minister, doesn’t know who is working for him. The FNM put out a rumour that there are ghost workers on the payroll costing the Government some eighty million dollars. So they put out a flier saying everyone should show up to station and show their i.d including […]