COMMENTARY BY BAHAMAS SCOOP RATING THE FNM’s FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE According to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis from his campaign rhetoric and the speech from the throne, the signature promise made by the FNM was not to grow the economy, create jobs, protect the environment against the threat of global warming, energy sector […]

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Won’t Pay Its Returning Diplomats

The returning diplomats for The Bahamas, having served their country overseas have returned to a host of problems. The main thing is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance claim they don’t have the money to pay them what they owed or they claim they are not entitled to the money.  […]

Peter Turnquest Tries To Defend The Verification Exercise

  Statement by Senator Fred Mitchell Leader of Opposition In The Senate On Notice For Verification Of The Existence In Order To Be Paid By The Government For Immediate Release By happenstance, I received a copy of a letter dated 31st July signed in a scribble by someone identifying themselves as Acting Treasurer but with […]

The Lies Told On The Allowance For MPs By The FNM

During the week, the FNM announced that they would be spending some 20 million dollars on capital projects over the five years of their term.  Only the headlines were deceptive.  The FNM was seeking by sleight of hand to answer the PLP’s argument that they are contracting the economy of The Bahamas.  This is what […]

Mitchell Responds To Candia Dames

On 9th August, the Nassau Guardian wrote a piece in their National Review opinion section which is really the rant of the week by Candia Dames, its Managing Editor, which claimed that Fred Mitchell was “unhinged”. Mr. Mitchell issued his own statement but we think it is important to add to it.  Ms. Dames has […]