Special Contracts under the FNM!

Remarks By Bradley B Roberts National Chair Progressive Liberal Party National General Council Meeting Thursday Aug 24th 2017 Fellow Councilors, since we last meet in July more than 100 days elapsed since the May 10thgeneral elections and many Bahamians are looking back and assessing the achievements of the Minnis led FNM government. The truth of the matter […]

COMRADE CHAIRMAN OBIE WILCHCOMBE – Brian Seymour Writes From Freeport

In October, 1998, the PLP held its national convention at the Cable Beach convention center. The highlight of this convention was the second leadership race between former Prime Minister, Perry Christie, and the late, Dr. Bernard Nottage. When the ballots were counted that fateful Thursday, Christie had, once again, won the leadership of the PLP. […]

Fletcher Macintosh Buried

Leader of The Opposition Philip Davis with former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham at Christ the King Church in Freeport for the funeral of building contractor Fletcher Macintosh on 26 August. Photo taken by Brian Seymour.  Hubert Ingraham, Philip “Brave” Davis,  and Dr. Ronnie Knowles. August 26, 2017, people from all walks of life gathered at the […]


We Bahamian people in a fit of pique have elected the most cruel, hateful, vengeful, disgusting government in the history of our country. Not since the dreaded United Bahamian Party was elected to office on a crooked franchise in 1962 have we had such wicked people elected to office.  They are wicked in large ways […]


Foreign Service Appointments The FNM is ruthlessly setting about their changes.  After laying off ancillary staff summarily on the basis of saving money, the Foreign Ministry can’t find money to pay for their expenses bringing them home. It appears that the returning officers will all have to sue the government to get their monies. Meanwhile, […]


The Leader of The PLP on 26 August in Freeport Senator Michael Darville, Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis and Stalwart Councillor Brian Seymour Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis and Forrester Carroll, Stalwart Councillor The Vimin’s dem The wider audience at PLP House in Freeport Stalwart Councillor Forrester Carroll and party member Allison Smith

Congratulations To Former COBUS President Keyron Smith

The University of The Bahamas announced the following: Appointment of Campus Sustainability Coordinator:  University of The Bahamas (UB) announces the appointment of Mr. Keyron Smith as Campus Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of the President, an instrumental move as the University System transitions into a sustainability paradigm. For The Bahamas, a small island developing state, […]

Peter Making A Mistake Trying To Save Bank Of The Bahamas

The Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest and his FNM government appear with the encouragement of their new Board of Directors headed by accountant Wayne Arahana to want to save the Bank of The Bahamas.   The answer they think is pumping more money from the Treasury into the enterprise.  This is a fool’s errand.  The Government […]

Esther Williams Funeral In Photos By Peter Ramsay

Esther Williams nee Mortimer’s funeral took place at the Christ Church Cathedral where she served and worshipped.  She was the wife of businessman Edward Williams. Christ Church Cathedral published the following notice: Mrs. Esther Williams died on Wednesday past (August 16th). Condolences are extended to her husband, Edward Williams and their children, Patrick, Celeste, Karen, Neil […]

Simon Wilson Gets The Boot As Financial Secretary

When Ehurd Cunningham, the former Acting Financial Secretary died in 2013, he went to his death bed warning about the issue of Simon Wilson becoming Financial Secretary.  The appointment made by the PLP was not popular because it was said that though he was entirely competent, there would be clashes within the Ministry of Finance. […]

Brent Symonette Causes A Security Scare At The Airport

Bahamas press reports that the smart ass rich boy Brent Symonette, the Minister for Immigration, ordered Immigration officers to do something which they perceived as interfering with their jobs. He was in the line at immigration arrivals hall and refused to be taken off to be expedited through.  He was checking to see how long […]

Fred Smith’s Statement of Claim On Cubans

According to the Nassau Guardian, Fred Smith has filed a Statement of Claim in the Supreme Court claiming various heads of damages against the Government for some Cuban detainees who having been released found their way back into the United States.  These allegations should be contested vigorously by the Bahamas government.  Fred Smith, as we […]