Fred Smith Q C—Slime Ball Politics

Anyone who is not now convinced that Fred Smith Q C is a pretty sick individual should now be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt.  This is now time for someone to move under the provisions of the Mental Health Act have him committed to the crazy hill for the political lunacy which he […]


Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister, attacked the PLP on the financial services bills which would facilitate the signing of the multilateral approach to the automatic exchange of information. But after a collegial approach in the House in which the PLP agreed with the FNM to proceed, the Prime Minister stabbed the PLP in the back […]


Sri Lanka 7 December 2017 -Colombo, Sri Lanka members of The Bahamas delegation participating in ICAN 2017 L-R Shane Miller of the Office of the Attorney General, Juliea Braithwaite of the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority, the Hon. Dionisio D’Aguilar, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sharon Brennen-Haylock, Director General of Foreign Affairs and Capt. Charles […]

Christmas Is Coming In Fox Hill

Senator Fred Mitchell with the people of Fox Hill as they honoured Mrs. Altamese Isaacs, retired office administrator of the Fox Hill Constituency office on 5 December at the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Rev. Lorenzo Carey preached the sermon and Kimberly Ferguson was the MC. The students from Sandilands Primary School and the daughters […]

Andrew Allen Delivers A Body Blow To The FNM

EDITOR, The Tribune. IT would be easy to laugh off the inane and senseless statements emanating from the FNM government (generally in defence of equally inane and senseless actions) were they not so apparently committed to actions that will, at the least, be a distraction from the real issues of governance and, at most, cause […]

Gladstone Thurston Is Sober For Once But On The Attack

The statement below appeared on Facebook and caught the eye of the writer Gladstone Thurston who is rusticating without a job and plenty of time on is hands on Long Island.  The sheep stock does need replenishing, maybe he should try his procreation skills there. But he used the Facebook page to launch an ad […]

The Transport Minister Did He Lie About The Oil Spill In Long Island?

Adrian Gibson, the man this side of crazy, who sits as the MP for Long Island, had another complaint.  You add this to the one where he was not chosen as a minister of the government by Hubert Minnis.  Mr. Gibson told the House of Assembly on 6th December that the barge which ran aground […]

Guardian and Freeport News Editorial Wrong On The Facts And Prejudiced against the PLP

Last week yet another Nassau Guardian Editorial was written continuing to purvey the lie that the PLP was the worst government ever. It is a lie.  It is built on prejudice.  The jumping off point of their lie was that the former Prime Minister Perry Christie showed up at Frank Smith’s court case to view […]

Glenys Hanna Martin Asks About The Kind OF Man Minnis Is?

Photo by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services The following was posted on the Facebook page of the MP PLP for Englerston Glenys Hanna Martin on 7 December: Our Prime Minister is very tricky. The government’s debate in Parliament today set a tone of cooperation with the Opposition in the national interest whilst unbeknownst […]