PM Hubert Minnis and his Cabinet have betrayed Bahamians

PM Hubert Minnis and his Cabinet have betrayed Bahamians Commentary By Bradley B Roberts Former Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament March 4th 2018 The Oban Energies saga continued to play out both in Parliament and under the watchful and critical glare in the court of public opinion for all to see and judge. The highly […]


Speaking on 1 March on the Proceeds Of Crime Act and the Financial Reporting Transactions Act, the Deputy Leader of the PLP Chester Cooper said this: “I don’t plan to spend my time in this place during this term opposing just for opposing’s sake. This administration believes that these bills will help curb, corruption, money […]


CHESTER COOPER MP, Exumas and Ragged Island, PLP Deputy Leader REMARKS ON DEBATE OF THE PROCEEDS OF CRIME BILL AND THE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS REPORTING BILL MARCH 1, 2018   Thank you Mr. Speaker, I am most grateful to the wonderful people of The Exumas, Exuma Cays and Ragged Island for allowing me to stand on […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct Alleged In Frank Smith Case

The case of the Government against former PLP Senator Frank Smith is becoming more and more of a joke in the eyes of the public.  This is now more so than ever given the allegations of prosecutorial misconduct made by his Attorney K D Knight in the Court on 28 February.  The star witness took […]

Lady Miller Dies

LADY Laurie Miller, the widow of the late Sir Albert Miller, died at her home in Freeport on 27 February. She was 93. Her husband, former Chairman of the Grand Bahama Port Authority and retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, predeceased her in 2015.  The Tribune reported that her son Russell Miller said the following: “I think […]

Adrian Gibson Is Now Executive Chairman Of Water and Sewerage

Way back in the Pindling years, the administration made the decision that Members of Parliament and Senators would no longer be Executive Chairs of public corporations.  The temptation for them to interfere politically with the Corporation was too strong and it led to mischief which the Pindling administration wanted to avoid.  In any event, the […]