Thursday 19 April 2018 The trip to London to see the Queen was just the best example of what big friggin phonies that the Prime Minster Hubert Minnis and his colleagues are.  They campaigned on not travelling saying that the PLP travelled too much.  Mr. Minnis took 31 people with him including his wife, the […]


Posted on Facebook 20 April 2018 ON CORRUPTION: Our corruption stems from the core plantation conception of power in the Caribbean: CONTROL! It’s ironic, that the politicians who say they abhor or will attack corruption, at the same time advocate and act for control and more CONTROL; generating the very corruption they want to attack! […]


Joey Gaskins, the spokesman for the Public Domain opinion and marketing research firm said last week a word of warning for the Free National Movement as he delivered the bad news that they had plummeted in popularity below 50 per cent.  He said that while they were not yet at the irreversible point, the experience […]


Commonwealth Heads of Government met in London for two days on 21 and 22 April.  The most momentous decision they made was to accept the Queen’s desire to appoint Prince Charles as the Head of the Commonwealth when she demits office.  So now he has a real job coming.  We think it is reprehensible that […]


It is a point of amusement in PLP circles that Dr. Duane Sands, the hapless Minister of Health, is still running on about how Bahamians shouldn’t be eating corned beef.  The PLP got him off course as he was trying to explain that he intended to use the price control mechanism, to get people to […]

Leader of The Opposition Warns The Prime Minister

From The Office Of The Leader of the Opposition On The Prime Minister “Bad Mouthing” The Bahamas While Abroad For Immediate Release 17 April 2018 The Prime Minister just does not know what to say when speaking on our behalf overseas. He has been to South America and now in Europe and at each stop […]

The PLP Answers The Nassau Guardian

Not since the days of the UBP when the Bethels used to cover everything in favour of the UBP where their family members sat in Cabinet has the Nassau Guardian been as prejudiced an instrument as today. The PLP responded to an asinine and irrational editorial in the Nassau Guardian.  The Guardian was upset because […]

The FNM Suspends The Fly Fishing Rules

From the Office of The Chairman of The Progressive Liberal Party On Suspension of the Fly Fishing Regulations For Immediate Release 18 April 2018 The Progressive Liberal Party is confounded by the decision of the Cabinet of The Bahamas to suspend the regulations which govern fishing in The Bahamas. It is simply an act of […]

A Foolish Proposal On Immigration Fees

Senator Fred Mitchell, Chairman of the PLP and former Immigration minister, said that the government ought to double the fees for permanent residence and not work permit fees for those of entry level jobs.  He said that people who hire caretakers gardeners and other labourers can hardly afford the one thousand dollars per month now […]

Passing An Unconstitutional Bill

Wayne Munroe, the PLP’s go to lawyer, has trashed the Government’s passage of a bill which will allow anonymous witnesses to testify against accused in the Bahamian courts.  The legislation was passed in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 18 April.  The Minister Desmond Bannister when he moved the Bill admitted that it might be […]

Jeff Lloyd Losing It?

STATEMENT BY SENATOR FRED MITCHELL ON THE PRE SCHOOL AT SANDILANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL RESPONDING TO THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 18 April 2018 A report appearing on Eyewitness News’ website attributes commentary to the Minister of Education that I told a lie on the state of Sandilands Primary School and the headline reads […]

From the Nassau Guardian

No admission will be charged, and individuals are encouraged to bring their laughter and fond memories, along with a “love offering”, to an unusual hymn festival. There, the Bahamas National Youth Choir (BNYC) in collaboration with its alumni association will present a service of thanksgiving in memory of its founder and late choir director, Cleophas […]

Commonwealth Leaders Make A Mistake Says Gilbert Morris

If nothing proves it, the Commonwealth exposed its backwardness in selecting Prince Charles its leader. What has he ever done for ANY Commonwealth nation? Why not a non-British person as leader? Why not PJ Patterson or a team with Owen Arthur, Hubert or Perry, or Dr Brown? This is the 21st century! If British, why […]