It was like déjà vu all over again.  Senator Fred Mitchell was walking on the Montagu Ramp, the scene of his early rise to political prominence as a fighter for the rights of people way back in the 1990s. This walk took place on Wednesday 2nd May. On that day, he joined the Leader of […]


The FNM Government after having done nothing for one year but borrow 1.7 billion dollars, boast about how corrupt the country is (their ma is corrupt), lock up their political opponents in jail, and then boast about GDP growth buttressed by healthy tourism figures about how well the tourism figures are doing. Stop over visitors […]


Senator Fred Mitchell spoke on the deficiencies of the banking sector in The Bahamas when the Senate met to pass three bills: the Financial Reporting Transactions Act; the Proceeds of Crime Act; the Witness Anonymity Act.  The Senate met on 30 April. It was also the occasion to mark the birthday of Senator Jasmine Darrius […]


PHOTOS BY PETER RAMSAY OF THE BAHAMAS INFORMATION SERVICES   Sir Arthur with oldest son Brendan and former Prime Minister Perry Christie There are now former Governors General Sir Arthur Foulkes and the Hon. A D Hanna who are 90 years old.  Sir Arthur joined Mr. Hanna in the nonagenarian group on Friday 4 May.  […]

Jeffery Lloyd Embarrassing The Catholic Church

Smart people and otherwise sensitive people become strange people sometimes when they get power in their hands.  It was Abraham Lincoln who made the observation that if you want to see what a man is like, observe him when power is in his hands.  No more is that now more true than with Jeffery Lloyd […]

Senator Rose Hall King Dies

  From The Office Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Condolences On the Death of Rose Hall King   For Immediate Release   1 May 2018   We regret to announce the death of Stalwart Councillor and former PLP Senator Rose Hall King this evening. She was 86 years old at the time of her death.   The PLP has lost a valiant […]

Walking At The Montagu Ramp With The Leader Of The Opposition

From the Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party Opposition Leader Tours Montagu Ramp Dredging For Immediate Release 1 May 2018 What you see accompanying this release are photos of a walkabout by Leader of the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party Philip Davis at the Montagu Ramp. The marine environment is blanketed in silt […]

The Friendly Societies Have To Know Their Customers

From the Office of the Chair of the Progressive Liberal Party Talking On Financial Transactions Reporting Act   For Immediate Release   30 April 2018   Senator Fred Mitchell raised in the Senate why friendly societies like the Elks and the Masons have to come within the same requirements of the Financial Transactions Reporting Act as large financial […]

The PLP Leader’s Press Conference | 1 May

NOTES FOR OPPOSITION LEADER PHILIP BRAVE DAVIS QC, MP MONTHLY PRESS CONFERENCE PLP HEADQUARTERS 1ST MAY 2018   A pleasant good morning to the media, parliamentary colleagues and party officers. Thank you for coming.   SUSPENSION OF FLY FISHING REGULATIONS During its last term in office, the PLP put in place specific regulations governing the fly […]

PLPs Should Mind Their Mouths On Candidacies

Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell speaking in Freeport on Thursday 3 May said that it was important for those who sit on the candidates committee and who are PLPs at large to be prudent in their expressions about who can and cannot be candidates in the next general election.  He said today’s villain […]