The residents of Johnson Estates which sits right at the back of where James Bain proposes to situate his new private cemetery were angry and frustrated.  She said that she wants to leave the country sometimes.  It appears she said whether PLP or FNM ordinary people do not get a break.  She said she had […]


You have to ask yourself the question with a reported 50 per cent reject rate of students who seek a high school education visa for the US getting turned down, that something else is at work other than objective judgements about their fitness to be in the US as students.  Then there are the reports […]

Renderings For A New Central Bank Building

Architekton Design Studio Bahamas Ltd. Jason Lorandos has won the design competition for the Central Bank of The Bahamas’ (CBOB) new building.  This was announced by the Central Bank’s Governor John Rolle on 11 May. The bank currently spends more than $1 million annually on the upkeep of its almost 50-year-old headquarters, and on rent […]

FNM Propaganda From Former Tribune Writer Athena Damianos

(Editor’s Note: this letter first appeared in The Tribune where Athena Damianos used to work as its editor once.  It’s interesting how when people are so blinded by their FNM propaganda that they cannot see the forest for the trees. What for example does the opening of the British High Commission in The Bahamas have […]

The Government’s Strange Case On Senator Frank Smith

Recent developments in the case of former Senator Frank Smith reveal that the Government has a less than stellar case against Mr. Smith. The trial resumed with an English Q C Jenkins on the one side and a Jamaican Q C K.D. Knight on the other. It resumed on Monday 14 May The evidence of […]

FNM Pushes Director Of Labour Out…John Pinder Rewarded

When John Pinder, the then President of the Bahamas Public Services Union, was campaigning in Fox Hill, after shutting down his own campaign, and campaigning for the goof ball that actually won the seat in the FNM, everyone knew that he struck a  deal with  FNM.  If they won the Government, he would become Director […]

Fifty Per Cent of Bahamians Can’t Make Ends Meet

From The Nassau Guardian The Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBOB) has released the results of its Financial Literacy survey, which found that overall, less than half (42.3 percent) of the respondents were able to provide answers to basic questions about financial computations and concepts around interest rates, including the compounding effects of interest rates. […]