Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister, fired his poster boy for youth Travis Robinson. One year after putting Mr. Robinson forward as the future of the FNM and as an example of how unlike the PLP the FNM listened to young people, Mr. Minnis dumped mud all over the poster boy.  Mr. Robinson put a brave […]

Kelly Burrows is pretty peeved about how MPs dress in the House of Assembly

Dear  Editor. “A letter to the speaker!!!”   Sir. I find it incumbent to appeal to you to please bring back some decorum of respect to the Honourable House Of Assembly. Observing what is happening today is unheard of in past years under former Speakers. The standards as we once knew It to be have […]

Senator Darville Delivers The Principle Address On The Budget

  The PLP’s Senate team during the Budget Debate 21 June 2018. Senator Fred Mitchell, at the podium Senator Michael Darville, Senator Jobeth Coleby and Senator Clay Sweeting. Senator Michael Darville in a one and half hour address to the Senate challenged the Government to fix Grand Bahamas and to step bac from its plan […]

The Web Shops Start To Cutback After Tax Raises Passed

The Bahamas Government has barreled along with their plan to raise taxes on the web shops to the fifty per cent level.  The local gaming organization warned the Government that the effect of the new taxes will be to cause the loss of thousands of jobs.  The process has already begun with all of the […]

In The Frank Smith Case 69 Calls Made 54 from the Lady To Frank

  The evidence in the case the Government has made against the former Senator Frank Smith is that the Frank Smith called the virtual complaint Barbara Hanna.  The Crown produced logs which supposedly showed that Mr. Smith was constantly calling her.  It turns out though that the log presented by the Crown didn’t quite match […]

Rick Fox Attend His Father’s Funeral

  Ulrich Fox was a Black businessman of his time. He founded in the industrial park Holiday Ice. On it he raised his family and created Ulrich Fox Jr., aka Rick Fox, who became an international basketball star and actor and now television commentator.  Rick is the closest thing we have to Sidney Poitier in […]