In the House of Assembly on Wednesday 25 June, the MP for Bain and Grants Town Travis Robinson was the batter up.  We keep saying that there is a tide in the affairs of men which when taken at the flood leads to fortune. It’s Shakespearean and the fate of Mr. Robinson in the last […]


Finance Minister Peter Turnquest has an interest in Sky Bahamas airline.  The Minister announced duty free importation of aircraft.  There are many complaints recently about Sky leaving some passengers stranded at various pick up points.  They seem to be only down to one plane and that cannot carry the load.  We need answers. Posted on […]

Get Your Fish And Conch At Montagu Ramp

Senator Dion Foulkes, who is having a great time during his is final shot as a Minister of the government, claimed that the young MP Shannandon Cartwright who is Chair of the Parks and Beach Authority and therefore responsible for cleaning up the environment is doing a good job.  The photo is Saturday morning 30 […]

Leader Of The Opposition Demands Equal Opportunity Of The PM

Brave Davis To Tour The Islands In Anti VAT Campaign Thought for the day: yesterday in the House the PM was challenged by Leader of the PLP for using public monies to sell his FNM objectives on VAT. The PM responded that he will make available thru the Finance Ministry an equal opportunity to the […]

It’s Been One Year Since We Lost B J

We remember our fallen colleague Bernard Jonathan Nottage who served in the last PLP administration as the Minister of National Security. He died one year ago and change on 28 June 2017.  What can we say?  We miss him.  A lot has changed since you left us.  The most important thing is our struggle continues.  […]


Bahamian Alana K. Dillette, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management in San Diego State University has led an academic research team which won the award for ‘Best Research Paper’ at the International Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) 2018 conference in Miami, Florida this past week. Dr. Dillette served as first […]

Congratulations To Tyson McKenzie

On 29 June Foreign Service Officer Tyson McKenzie shown receiving his certificate of participation with Sharon Welsh, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and Communications Consultant and Advisor for senior government officials within the Obama Administration.  He said this on his Facebook page: “This past week it was a privilege to be the only #Bahamian to have attended […]

American Airlines Announces No Cash Please

American Airlines, the major carrier flying into The Bahamas, says that they will not be accepting cash at their counters anymore in The Bahamas  Credit cards or debit cards only please.  We think that this is illegal.  If someone has a public licence to operate in The Bahamas and offers a service or good and […]

Ezra Hepburn Is Buried At St Agnes | Glenys Hanna Martin Says Thank You

We said farewell to Ezra Hepburn of the band Ezra and the Polka Dots who used to be the king of the Banana Boat night club of the 1960s and 1970s. His service took place at the St Agnes Church in Nassau on 30 June.  Here is what MP Glenys Hanna Martin had to say […]

Public Scholars Presented But No Reference Given To Jerome Fitzgerald

The public scholars programme gave out the awards to the 162 young people who will head off to college in the fall.  The awards were given out on Friday 22 June.  It was quite a moving event with Omar Davis, the young Bahamian man, telling his story of growing up with a drug dealer father […]

Michael Halkitis Trashes Financial Sec Marlon Johnson

  From Former Minister of State Michael Halkitis On Allegations of Understating The Budget By The Now Financial Secretary For Immediate Release 26 June 2018 I have read the following in the press this morning attributed to the Financial Secretary Marlon Johnson: “Travel generally, they had it centralized, [which] made for indiscriminate spending,” he said […]