The Leader of The Opposition Philip Davis has called for a Commission of Inquiry to look into the conduct of the Government with regard to the prosecutions of PLPs now before the courts on alleged cases of corruption. These cases aren’t worth the paper that they are written on. The affidavit of Shane Gibson which […]

FOX HILL DAY IN PICTURES | Tuesday 14 August

By Athama Bowe Fox Hill Day is the second Tuesday in August.  This is a day in Fox Hill when the descendants celebrate their heritage by gathering on the park and in the churches to do recitations and to climb the greasy pole and dance around the maypole.  This year the modern version festival was […]


We show the affidavit filed in the Shane Gibson constitutional motion brought to set aside the case against Mr. Gibson by the Government.  It appears from the affidavit that agents of the state tampered with the witnesses and that the result is the evidence is manifestly unreliable.  Mr. Gibson’s lawyers have asked for the matter […]

Andrew Allen’s Letter On FNM Tax Policy

EDITOR, The Tribune Imagine a government so hard up for revenues that it raises consumption taxes on its poor and middle classes by 60 percent, then heroically ignores the outcry of the whole population for a reconsideration. Imagine the fiscal situation getting so dismal that the government cuts assistance for (mandatory) uniforms to the children […]

Bahamas Power And Light In Chaos

The Minister responsible for the Bahamas Power and Light company Desmond Bannister announced on 14 August that he was firing the entire board of the Bahamas Power and Light company.  He refused to explain why.  This from a government that said they were going to be open and transparent.  The back story is the lady […]


From The Office of the Leader of The Opposition On Reports Of Mass Dismissal of BPL Board For Immediate Release 14 August 2018 Today I reached out to the Prime Minister when I received a credible report that that the entire Board of Bahamas Bahamas Power and Light had either resigned or been dismissed. This […]

Congratulations To Bahamian Kristen Whylly A Four Seasons In D C

WASHINGTON, D.C. — His Excellency Sidney Collie, Bahamas Ambassador to The United States and Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS) and Mr. Theo Neilly, Bahamas Consul General to Washington, D.C., met with Mr. Kristen Whyly, Hotel Manager at The Four Seasons Hotel in historic Georgetown, Washington D.C., on Thursday, August 16, 2018. […]

Congratulations To Andrew Burrows

(Mr. Burrows complained that ZNS refused acknowledge his accomplishment) This morning, I was informed that my program “Irma From the Inside” received “Recognition by Special Mention” in the category of Best Documentary in the 2017 Caribbean Broadcast Union Awards. Basically, it means I made the second best documentary of 2017 in all of the countries […]