The now Minister for Transport and Leader of Government Business in the House of Assembly Renward Wells needs a good dressing down and brought down to size.  This is a fellow who in the proverbial Bahamian language hardly has two pots to piss in; big grown man who doesn’t even own his own house but […]

That Twit Lanisha Rolle Finally Honours Shaunae Miller Uibo

We cannot bring ourselves to put the picture of that woman Lanisha Rolle. Minister of Sports, on this site in a position of honour, she is such a twit. After singlehandedly wrecking the Social Services Ministry, her good friend Prime Minister Hubert Minnis instead of firing her and sending her to the backbenches chose to […]


The Speaker of the House of Assembly is someone who the people in Jamaica would call “butu”.  He is low class and crude.  He is in a place where he should not be but alas democracy arranges some strange results. So, most people remember in support of our assessment, the melt down performance of Halson […]

Sean McWeeney On The Financial Services Sector

Former Attorney General Sean McWeeney since his retirement from active politics has been developing an expertise in trust law and in the financial services sector.  He gave a speech on 18 September 2018 at a recent conference on the sector in New Providence that outlined a profile of the sector and where it’s headed.  He […]

The Module For PLP Candidates In Freeport | 28 to 30th September 2018 at PLP Headquarters Freeport

Statement by Senator Fred Mitchell Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party On Search For Candidates For Immediate Release 17 September 2018 I would like to announce that the party if having its second module for aspirant candidates in Grand Bahama on the 28th September 2018 at the PLP’s headquarters in Freeport. The scheduled speakers for […]

PLP Responds To Minnis On Immigration

The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell.  Since the release below was sent out, the Government has raised without notice the fees for caregivers, maids and labourers from 1000 dollars per year to 2000 dollars per year. Statement From The Office Of The Chairman PLP Senator Fred Mitchell […]

PLP Responds To FNM Propaganda

From the Office of Chairman of the PLP On FNM Fake Social Media Platforms For Immediate Release 15 September 2018 It has come to the party’s attention that a number of fake platforms connected to the FNM are being used to dispense information across all social media pages. The purpose is to distract PLPs away […]

Jonquel Jones Changes Her Citizenship

Jonquel Jones, the WNBA Bahamian sensation, who was born and raised in Eight Mile Rock and came up under Coach Gladstone Moon McPhee, is no longer a Bahamian or so we think.  The Freeport New announced on 20 September that she ahs accepted the citizenship of the Eastern European state in the Balkans called Bosnia- […]

Jonquel Jones Response To Bahamians Because She Changed Her Citizenship (posted on FB)

Hey Bahamas in light of everything that has transpired yesterday I felt compelled to elaborate. First off I’d like to commend Fred the editor and chief of the Freeport news on writing a great article. Everything he said was true and well planned. To everyone at home please know that I am and will always […]

Leader’s Address To House On Grand Lucayan Purchase

The Progressive Liberal Party’s three MPs who were present voted to support the resolution of the Government to borrow 35 million dollars to complete the purchase of the Grand Lucayan Hotel, even though they were opposed to the purchase.  The MPs felt that they had to support the deal which was already complete or be […]