One of his colleagues speaking to the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis corrected Mr. Davis when he said that the Attorney General’s office was in shambles. “No”, said the Minister, “ Not the Office of the Attorney General, it’s the Attorney General”. One cannot help but think that, now that Carl Bethel Q C, […]


From The Office of The Chairman of The PLP On AG Declaring Ashe To Be A Whistleblower For Immediate Release 26 September 2018 We are incredulous today after reading an incredible headline about the star witness in the Government’s signature case of alleged corruption. The Attorney General Carl Bethel has declared Johnathan Ashe to be […]

Stephen Burrows, Bahamian Sculptor, Is Buried

On 2nd October 2013 this photo and caption appeared: Grand Bahama Shipyard Helps to Restore Iconic Nassau Conch.  Toby Smith, while helping his daughter with a project decided to restore sculptures made by Stephen Burrows, including the iconic conch which was created in 1980, and was displayed on the roundabout near the Nassau International Airport. […]

Rogue MP McAlpine Reminded Us Of The Whole Water Board in London

These days the expression as fat as an FNM Cabinet Minister is growing in resonance.  Since these folks have come to office they have eaten so much it appears that they are fat as butterball turkeys from the Minister of Health on down.  It is quite pronounced when you don’t have the stature to wear […]

20 People Travel In The PM’s Team To The U N

It was like a pilgrim’s progress.  The PLP said nothing because complaining about the size of a delegation for travel is so stupid.  The only thing that needed to be pointed out was the hypocrisy of it all. The hypocrisy and deceit of complaining in opposition abut the size of traveling delegations for The Bahamas, […]

Police Are Everywhere On The Streets Of New Providence

On 2 September, the Royal Bahamas Police Force announced that they had some new equipment in the form of a laser camera to judge speeds.  Since that time, they have been on the roads with a vengeance.  Of course, speed is an issue on our roads as we are finding out with one traffic accident […]

Mitchell Visits Lighthouse Point

The beauty of this place is unbelievable.  Disney, the entertainment and shipping behemoth from the United States, wants to bring a cruise ship dock right up to the far-left peninsula in the background of the picture.  A group called One Eleuthera Foundation wants to stop it.  They are Bahamians but backed by rich second home […]

Police Raid In Abaco With The U S Authorities

25 September in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the American Drug Enforcement Agency held a high-profile raid on 25 September.  They took in 26 people under arrest, flown by a U S Coastguard C 130 transport to Nassau for processing.  Net result money and drugs confiscated with some small arms.  Four […]

Now We Lose Audrey Wright At 68 Years Of Age

Audrey Wright, sister of the cultural icon Patricia Bazard who just died a few months ago, has now herself gone on.  She was 68 and victim of the ubiquitous cancer disease.  Mrs. Wright is survived by her children and her spouse former Ambassador Carlton Wright. She was a musician and choir director and a cultural […]