Travelling While Black

Tourism niche ‘Travelling While Black’ discussed by Dr. Alana Dillette ph.D Recently, the website TripDoctor.com featured an interview with Bahamian academic Dr. Alana Dillette, an assistant professor at San Diego State University.  Dr. Dillette has conducted several studies focusing on the #travelingwhileblack movement, and has attempted to understand the lived experiences of black travelers. Dr. […]


On Friday 5 October, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis took off for the PLP constituency of South and Central Andros and the FNM constituency of North Andros.  He did not invite nor tell the Member of Parliament PLP Picewell Forbes that he was going into the constituency.  This continues the pattern of insulting PLP Members […]


Philip Brave Davis led a delegation of the PLP into North Andros on Tuesday 2nd October.  He was joined by Chester Cooper, the MP for Exuma and Ragged Island and the Deputy Leader of the PLP, the Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell, Barry Griffin, Chair of the Progressive Young Liberals and Deputy Chair Robyn Lynes. https://soundcloud.com/user-628919955/sen-fred-mitchell-in-north […]

New Judge

There is a great debate going on about the courts in the United States, but no one seems to be paying attention to what is happening to our own courts. There are reports that the Prime Minister personally intervened to get one Judge appointed and then there is the swearing in of the sister of […]

Clint Watson Has A Go At Peter Turnquest

It appears that Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest went a step too far when he personally attacked Clint Watson, the News Director at Eyewitness News. Mr. Turnquest described the work of Mr. Watson as propaganda.  Mr. Watson was having none of that and struck back on TV.  Candia Dames, the wicked journalistic witch of the […]

Minnis Tries To Defend His Administrations Ineptitude

This photo was doing the rounds last week as the Minnis administration tried to fight off claims of ineptness and insensitivity and losing support.  The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was in the press last week with one device or another.  He scoffed at the fact that Lionel Sands, his former close friend and supporter, and […]

The Tribune And The Guardian See The Handwriting On The Wall

(Editor’s note:  The Freeport News’ Editor Fred Sturrup has been on the warpath for some time , having switched his tune from decidedly anti PLP to telling the FNM, it was bad public policy to buy the hotel in Freeport. We wondered what was going on.  Now this week, The Tribune, headed by the journalistic […]

McAlpine Doesn’t Take Any Last From Prime Minister Minnis

It was Dr. Minnis who started it.  Remember his first attitude was that you simply ignore the PLP and  ignore the critics in his own party.  No more.  He went down to Crooked Island ostensibly to explain why he was at the UN in the last week in September.  Inevitably the talk turned to domestics […]