Mr. Symonette knows conflict of interest well. He got it from his pa who the FNM has just declared a national hero. He himself was fired before for a previous conflict of interest while in government.

So, the thieves are in charge of the bank and they are stealing left right and centre. The Bahamas the saying is pee on me and call it rain.


The Nassau Guardian ran an editorial in which it claimed that the present Leader of the PLP Philip Davis needed to be changed.  They were encouraging by clever words Chester Cooper, who is now the Deputy Leader, to take a stab at removing the present Leader Philip Davis and become leader himself.  This is just […]

A Writer On Line Questions The FNM’s Integrity

Tribune Editorial Warns The Government On Disney The Tribune’s editorial of Friday 19th October wants to have its cake and eat it to with regard the FNM administration and Hubert Minnis.  Having campaigned for the FNM (they lied in the editorial and said they were objective), they now find that they are the victims of […]

Questions To Disney And The MP South Eleuthera

Disney went to press in The Bahamas on Frida 19th October and laid it all out to the public and the government, make your decision by today about our project in South Eleuthera or else.  They said there was no alternative proposal and they had waited long enough and so the idea of the One […]

Two BAIC Board Members Fired By The Minister

This picture of the happy gang of Board Members of the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation (BAIC) is no more happy gang.  Seventeen months into the FNM’s term, and after firing everyone they thought was PLP in the Corporation, Michael Foulkes, the chairman who is smiling broadly third to right in the picture is smiling no […]

The PLP’s Statement On Corrupt Lease For New Post Office

From The Chairman of The PLP On The Resolution to Lease Premises from Brent Symonette For Immediate Release 17 October 2018 The Government now proposes to feather the nest of the Minister for Immigration with the proposed lease for five years of the Town Centre Mall for temporary quarters for the Post Office. What a […]

FNM Takes Away Contracts From Suspected PLP Bus Drivers

The following statement was issued by the  Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell From The Chairman of The PLP On Notice Of Loss Of Contracts For Buses For Immediate Release 18 October 2018 In an act of official savagery, contractors for school busing in Abaco, Eleuthera, Bimini and Grand Bahama have reported that in […]

Michael Halkitas Former PLP Minister Of State For Finance

The FNM Government is trying to fire Simon Wilson as the Financial Secretary. They have been sued in the courts for making a false case against him.  It turns out that it is based on a phony report by an American firm FTI whose report was laid in the House of Assembly last week on […]

Fred Smith Loses The Rony Jean Case

The Court of Appeal unanimously tossed out Fred Smith’s wacky and phony case for a man named Rony Jean who could not identify himself much less his nationality, yet Mr. Smith got a Judge at first instance to make the most extraordinary ruling.  The Judge Greg Hilton decided that  the crown had violated the rights […]

Family Islands Protests For School Teachers

Statement From The Chairman Of The PLP On Teacher Shortages Throughout The Country For Immediate Release 20 October 2018 The Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd has plenty to answer for.  For the second time in a month, citizens including students are out in the streets protesting the fact that there are no teachers to teach […]