Julian Believe Explains How Junkanoo Must Change

HISTORIC MOMENT: For 3 years @thecelebrityartist and I petitioned to be apart of a shift that could potentially create a platform for other creatives in the 🇧🇸. I was glutted with attending the Parade and witnessing persons falling asleep or the energy of the entire parade die as we Patrons along with the tourist waited […]


The Attorney General Carl Bethel released last week a draft bill to the Leader of the Opposition for the control and regulation of political parties.  As they say in Jamaica: ya must be mad.  The bill seeks to force political parties to register with a Government agency specially created for that purpose. It seeks to […]

British Honours Have Been Announced For Bahamians

The Palace in the UK where the Queen Elizabeth lives has announced national honours for Bahamians.  This is a bloody disgrace.  In the first year that the Bahamian national honours have been bestowed this Uncle Tom Cabinet now sits and gives out these medals again like Order of the British Empire.   Finally out a of […]

Remembering The Dead in Fox Hill 27 December 2018

The community gathered at the behest of the Congoes Junkanoo group to commemorate the slain four Senator Fred Mitchell sent this message   27 December 2018 Freedom Park Thank you to the Original Congoes for holding this memorial service and asking me to speak. I am sorry I am unable to be with you in […]