The Record Of Junkanoo Victories

THEME GROUP SPONSOR 1956 United Nations Eastern Group Kelly’s Hardware 1957 The Pirates Chippie K.F. Butler/Charley’s Men Shop 1958 East Bay East Bay Service Station 1959 Sands Real Estate 1960 Scottish Highlanders Valley Boys City Lumber Yard 1961 Roman Soldiers Chippie Butler & Sands 1962 Valley Gamblers Valley Boys Butler & Sands 1963 Dewar’s Scotch […]


As we approach Christmas, we have to point out how sad things seem to be in this country.  The traditional good cheer will not be available this year because of a combination of factors: the meanness of the people who run the country and the fact that there is simply no money in the circulation.  […]

THE TWIT SHONEL WHO REPRESENTS FOX HILL (Her Business stuff thrown out in the road)

The MP for Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson continues to be an embarrassment to the people of Fox Hill.  First, she couldn’t get the people at the community centre paid.  Now the Government plans to fire all the staff at the Centre and say they will rehire them in February.  Then she herself can’t keep herself […]

Congrats Coach Denykco Bowles

Coach Denykco Bowles of the Doris Johnson Senior High School coaching staff was married to Heather Bain on Saturday 15 December at the St John’s Church by Rev. T G Morrison.  St John’s is the former Ms. Bain’s father’s church the late Rev. Hervis Bain. Spectacular event.  It was a very happy affair. Congratulations to […]

The Fox Hill Community Centre Under Threat From The FNM

Statement from Senator Fred Mitchell Former MP for Fox Hill 19 December 2018 On The Fox Hill Community Centre For Immediate Release In yesterday’s press ( 18 December 2018), I read statements by the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames that essentially trashed the people who work at the Fox Hill Community Centre and trashed […]

Mitchell Calls Out D’Aguilar’s Hypocrisy

Statement by the Office of the Chairman of the PLP The 2018 Caribbean Travel Award For Immediate Release 19th December 2018 The Progressive Liberal Party congratulates the people of The Bahamas and especially for the working stakeholders in our number one industry on winning the Caribbean Travel Award for best destination of the year 2018. […]

Bahamasair Strands The Leader Of The Opposition in Ft. Lauderdale

One of the passengers inconvenienced by Bahamasair on the weekend of rolling problems for the airline was Philip Davis, the Leader of the Opposition.  Mr. Davis was supposed to have taken a day trip to Ft. Lauderdale for the funeral of a family member: going out first thing Friday 21 December and returning that evening.  […]