CRIME Despite the protestations by the Minister of National Security, there is no question that the spate of criminal activities, particularly here in New Providence is unabated.  Our citizens have a right to be concerned. Daily, there are reports of Armed Robberies, home invasions, rapes, some of which are happening in broad daylight. The murder […]

St John’s 195 Anniversary

PLP Leader Philip Davis with Minister of Works Desmond Bannister, former Minister Leslie Miller, Senator Fred Mitchell at the 195th anniversary of the St John’s Native Baptist Society. 1 March 2020 A Gun To The Leader’s Head Statement From The Progressive Liberal Party On FNM Inspired Post With Gun To Leader of the Opposition’s Head […]

Roman Catholic Church Changing The Rules For Corona Virus

Archbishop Patrick Pinder Writes A Letter: Excerpt Letter From Anglican Bishop Boyd On Corona Virus An excerpt A PASTORAL LETTER FROM BISHOP LAISH BOYD REGARDING THE CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC  To be Read in and Distributed in all Parishes in the Diocese on Sunday, 8th March, 2020   … In the Diocese, please note the following which are TEMPORARY […]

Six Years For The Consulate In Chicago

The Bahamas Honorary Consulate in Chicago celebrates six years the first fully accredited diplomatic post representing the Commonwealth of The Bahamas in the Midwestern United States: 6 March 2014 – 6 March 2020.  We think that Consul Michael Fountain has done an excellent job.  Thank you for your leadership and the special efforts which you […]

Daylight Saving Time Friggin Nonsense

It neither provides daylight or saves time but these folks in authority continue to fool with the time.  So this morning we woke up and lost one hour of sleep which you never catch up.  The late mother of Senator Fred Mitchell had one engagement every year with the political authorities in her life time […]


Picewell Forbes, Glenys Hanna Martin. Philip Brave Davis and Chester Cooper behind Mrs. Martin. Nominations assured. ( Tribune photo) The Progressive Liberal Party issued the following statement about candidates in the next general election: From The Chairman of the PLP: Over the next 12 months there will be increasing numbers of PLPs in the field […]

Leader of The Opposition’s Courtesy Calls |Turkey

The Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of Turkey to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Her Excellency Berris Ekinci paid a courtesy call on the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, Leader of the Opposition. In the group photo from left are Senator Fred Mitchell, Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesman; Mr. Davis, Ambassador Ekinci and Nilùfer Aksoy Balci, Second Secretary […]


Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security, showed what a twit he really is and how unfit he is for office, by joining the FNM trolls on Facebook, in seeking to ridicule Philip Brave Davis for his suggestion that the state ought to distribute whiles to women as a means of raising the alarm when […]

Brian Seymour Writes From Grand Bahama Upending The Freeport News

Editor of the Freeport News Dear Editor, Your Thursday, March 5th, publication of the Freeport News under the heading “PLP Image Low Key” in Grand Bahama by Fred Sturrup, you incorrectly and erroneously stated that one Brian Seymour is the spokesperson for the PLP on Grand Bahama, that sir, is a falsehood. As a paper […]

Congratulations To Danavio Neely

The Chaplain of the Progressive Young Liberals Danavio Neely won the top award to become Mr. University of The Bahamas 2020. Congratulations. A fine young example of male leadership in The Bahamas. We wish him well as he continues on his upward journey.  Here is what he posted on his FB page on 6 March […]


The General Election in Guyana took place on 2 March 2020.  It should have been quite a simple process. Vote, count the ballots and victor declared.  There were multiple observer teams. You had the Organization of American States, the Commonwealth, CARICOM, EU and the Carter Centre.  You also had the  Ambassadors of the US, UK […]

Sri Lanka

Her Excellency Kshenuka Senewiratne, High Commissioner-Designate from the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to The Bahamas, paid a courtesy call on the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, on Thursday, 5th March 2020 at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition in downtown Nassau. In attendance and pictured from left […]

PLP Responds To FNM Trolls On Rape Whistle

On Social Media Reaction To Rape Whistle Idea 4 March 2020 I understand stand that social media trolls have been flapping up their gums about the suggestion by the Leader of the Opposition at his press conference on Tuesday 3 March 2020 that whistles should be distributed to women as part of an anti rape […]