Leader’s Press Conference Wednesday 3 June 2020 Gambier House in the Lynden Pindling Centre

Leader supports the Black Lives Matter Movement in the United States Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the Press, and those joining us via Social Media. I want to recognize the recent loss of two nation-builders and trailblazers who were giants in their respective fields – the late Patrick Bethel, an educator, author and a gentleman and Paul Eric Hanna, a […]

Berencia Isaacs, Wife of Court of Appeal Justice Dies

The wife of Justice of Appeal Jon Isaacs, Berencia Issacs died on 3 June 2020. She was reportedly 58 years old and had been suffering for some time. She was the daughter of noted Queen’s Counsel Bertram Maccauley, originally from Sierra Leone and a resident of Jamaica.  Mrs. Isaacs is survived by her husband Jon […]

Minnis: Mistake Recommending Carolita Bethel To The Court Of Appeal

Carolita Bethel is reportedly about to be appointed to the Court of Appeal. For some this is a relief because she will be off the Supreme Court bench not having to deal with poor Black people at the Supreme Court and the injustices that often flow from her decisions. But worse now if she goes […]


On Tuesday 2 June 2020, the Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar with his team including Director General Joy Jibrilu gathered in a virtual press conference to announce the plan to reopen Bahamian tourism. Quite apart from them not telling us really what the plan is and engaging in an exercise in reporting and self-congratulations, the […]


The PLP At Lakeview Memorial Cemetery to mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of Sir Randal Fawkes. Present were Leader Philip Davis, Chairman Fred Mitchell, Deputy Leader Chester Cooper and Secretary General Barbara Cartwright. The Fawkes Family was represented by his daughter Rosalie, sons Francis and David. The services were joined by Bernard Evans, […]

Congratulations To The PLP’s Leader For Supporting Black Lives Matter

Senator Fred Mitchell speaking with the press on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 said that the Government of The Bahamas has no foreign policy save whatever the United States says. The releases from The Bahamas Government on the crisis now unfolding in the United States with the murder of the black man by police in Minneapolis, […]

Maurice Tynes Writes That The Emergency Order Must End

26 May 2020 Dear Editor, The prime minister announced on March 19, 2020 that he was invoking the provisions of Article 29 of the constitution to decree a proclamation of emergency under which a number of emergency regulations and orders have been legislated to address the crisis arising from the coronavirus. The emergency regulations and […]


The business community is quite concerned about the Ministry of Finance of The Bahamas.  The talk is that relations between  the government and the business community is at its lowest ever with Bahamar, Atlantis and the Pointe all complaining that they are unable to meet with and get critical decisions out of the government.  The […]

Happy 50th Birthday Paulette Higgs Of Monastery Park

Senator Fred Mitchell joined the Higgs family in Monastery Park in the Fox Hill constituency who are normally the hosts for the annual Lenten tea for the 50th birthday of the matriarch of the family Paulette. From left son Brandon, daughter Brithney with grandson Emani, Paulette Higgs, Senator Mitchell, husband Brian Higgs and son Brian […]