McAlpine Equivocates About Joining The PLP | 25 September 2020

Speaking to the press following the announcement that his fellow traveler in politics Vaughn Miller has left and gone to the PLP, Frederick McAlpine who we said last week should join the PLP, was asked what did he intend to do.  Mr. McAlpine said he was still thinking about it but he praised Mr. Miller […]


EDITOR, Any doubt that the present crew governing this country have lost all contact with sense and sanity should have been dispelled for anyone listening to Financial Services Minister Ellsworth Johnson expounding the benefits of opening wide our country for anyone wishing to come here and work, study or just hang out like they’re back […]


EDITOR THE country’s broke. The Bahamas Minister of Finance says there’s lots of money. Some say that there will be a devaluation. Others say they’ll guarantee there will be no devaluation. Many say they’re taking a page about lying out of Trump’s playbook. You be the judge. For those who are encouraging devaluation I hope […]

WELCOME TO THE PLP VAUGHN MILLER | Wednesday 23 September 2020

The following is the statement of the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party welcoming Vaughn Miller MP for Golden Isles into the Progressive Liberal Party. STATEMENT FROM LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION PLP Welcoming Vaughn Miller As A PLP MP For Immediate Release 23 September 2020 I received a call this morning from Vaughn Miller, the […]

A Lie In The Punch About The PLP And Belinda Wilson

The Punch is known for its lies. So why would PLPs believe a story that Belinda Wilson, the troublesome President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers who cannot get along with anyone, has applied for a PLP nomination.  She has not.  The PLP would not accept or nominate anyone who is not a PLP.  Belinda […]