75 Years At St Augustine’s College In Nassau

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This part of the Class of 1970 that graduated from St Augustine’s College in Fox Hill in June 1970, the 25th anniversary of the school. On 29th January 2020, they gathered again to mark the 75th anniversary of the school. From left Patti Symonette, Paulette Rahming, Angie Culmer, Judy Lundy, Senator Fred Mitchell, Claire Symonette, Delora Moncur, Glendia Huyler and Rogann Huyler.
Senator Fred Mitchell with Amani Stuart, President of the Student Council of St Augustine’s College. Senator Mitchell was student council president from 1969 to graduation in 1970.
The servers and young chefs of SAC. All for the 75 th anniversary of the founding of St Augustine’s College. 29 January 2020. From left to right Jayah Hanna, Jayden Collins, Shaylaine Roker, Asia Davis & Bernae Bandelier with Senator Fred Mitchell at the centre.
From left: Paul McWeeney, Board Chair SAC, Senator Fred Mitchell, Andrew Edwards, NPI Chair, Archbishop Patrick Pinder, Monsignor Alfred Culmer, Deacon Danny Price, Maggie Butler, Michael Adderley and Freddie Albury. All former SAC students.