A blatant disregard for standards and traditions – Brian Seymore

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Attorney General Carl Bethel

A blatant disregard for standards and traditions that have served us well have been cast aside by Cabinet Ministers.

The Honorable Carl Bethel is our Attorney General, and is, also, a Queen’s Counsel, QC. He has been active in front line politics for the past twenty-five years. He is the most senior member of the Minnis administration cabinet.

As the sun now begins to set on Mr. Bethel’s career, I wonder if this is how he would wants to be remembered. This perverse and vulgar poster is wrong on, at least, three counts, party symbol included. But for the Dignity of the high office that you hold, and for the sake of Blind Justice, please remind your cabinet colleagues of their oath of office. Please, have this advertisement taken down. Standards still matter.

It is said, “The road to hell was paved with good intentions.”