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By Coderro Edgecombe from F B

A young woman at the Carnival 2019 Road March

As I reflect on the morality comments and negative interjections of carnival I cannot but remember as a boy on the church picnics where some girls wore one-piece swimwear and some wore two piece.  When you looked around the beach there were others who wore some really provocative swim wear who were not a part of my church group, all parallel with the church’s moral levels but because there was sand and water this was acceptable.  Now as a man, I see persons on the streets with many of those same “acceptable swim wear” with the additions of feathers and beads, dancing and enjoying themselves and the same Christians that were in the beach with me as a boy are shouting that we have problems with out moral code.  We have a problem with our country and it ain’t the swim suits.  

We have ministers who fail to acknowledge truth and fail to exercise reason.  They see only the level of perversion that they live as the acceptable level of tolerance from God and anything everyone else does as an abomination.  The moral decay is primarily preacher supremacy.  

Let the people enjoy themselves and use every means possible to release all this stress they experience nevertheless day.  They deserve a break!

When I went to college in Columbus Ohio for schooling, a family invited me to a picnic.  To my amazement it was in a park with no water.  I then learned that picnics could be anywhere.  Because I am a Christian, we played Christian music.  Now these people are not Christians so they don’t use Christian music. I don’t see any difference in carnival other than it being a picnic with music and dancing held on the road.  

So preacher man, come out to the carnival and stand on the sidelines and watch the world that you must reach.  Leave the parade and go to your closet, not with lust in your eyes but with hope in your heart that God will reach each one of them.  Then preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see which ways he can give you to win more souls for His kingdom.  The Kingdom whose money paid for those alligator shoes you so handsomely adorn as you spew venom on the people you are meant to deliver.