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Foreign Minister Darren Henfield continues to disappoint.  It has been two weeks since Lucca Rolle, the 15 year old Bahamian citizen, was attacked by Miami police in full glare of the camera.  He was punched unprovoked to the ground and sprayed with pepper spray.  He got a  broken nose for his troubles.  The Bahamas Government under Mr Henfield has said not a word to address the concern other citizens might have for their travel to the United States.  His expressions of concern for the boy seemed timid and uninspiring.  Meanwhile, the matter continues to be of interest nationally in the United States. The Bahamas government is silent to its citizens.  Then we heard Mr. Henfield get up in the House on 24 April when he was defending the amendment to the immigration bill which will allow foreign doctors and lawyers and accountants to come into The Bahamas for 14 days to work here at Board meetings, so long as they are not gainfully employed.  On the face of it, the legislation is unacceptable.  It cannot be policed.  However, what got us was that Mr. Henfield claimed that in the circles that he  travelled in, he did not hear any complaints about the bill. That tells you a lot about what a lost soul he is.  He simply needs to stop at Baker’s Bay in in his North Abaco constituency to hear the complaints of the Bahamians about the abuse of the immigration laws there.  However, it is clear that he like most of his colleagues are simply lost in space.