A Facebook Comment On Life In The Bahamas

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The newspapers reported that a woman tried to break into a home of a former boyfriend and cut her arm. She bled to death on the scene while people watched filming the event.  This comment appeared on Facebook

This has to be said. I’m sorry someone has to tell you.

I’ve seen the video(unfortunately) of the young lady who died from punching  a glass. What I saw was rather inhumane.  People were jeering and excited to be on scene RECORDING. Wtf have we come to as a nation. This is no longer about average this is about common sense and direction.  We are lost. Too much outside shit influencing our weak minded people. I know of mothers spinning while children outside in hot cars. Sitting for hours on social media while kids ask for help with homework and fail to give it because of a show that’s on tv like love and hip hop. Men who give so call side chicks money and brag about it while sons and daughters need books for school and mothers have to chase them for it. I’ve seen families sat for dinner at restaurants and never even talk to one another; just immerse on their mobile devices. Instead of talking truly to one another people now rely on fake made up Tv shows for guidance.  You can take a woman on the best vacation and all she is concerned about is pics for her social media accounts and who click likes to them and upset when they don’t get the likes she expects. They young boys believe its ok to call women bitches and hit them but same token women refer to themselves as Boss bitch or bad bitch. Getting a Honda while living with Mommy seems to be the only thing young people aspire to have these days. Makeup and penciling and redrawing of eyebrows is now the in thing( about 2% look ok) while educating and growth seem to be lost. No one accepts blame for anything these days and immaturity is at an all time high in today’s adults. A Honda don’t make you a boss. A ton of makeup don’t make you pretty. Selling yourself for a bag or whatever else don’t mean you’re bossing up.

Wtf happen to standards and virtue. I know y’all think you’re a part of the bigger picture but in reality we’re not. Nobody outside of the Bahamas really cares about you so why waste time on their social media worshipping them. We have become a bunch of lowlifes who believe we are important and don’t have a shit to show for our existence on this planet. Well you’re not. Look around. And you wonder why after 40 years the power goes out and cost of living went up but not your salaries? Its because the intelligent masses know what you are so why fix anything when all you aspire to be is bitches with niggas who drive Honda’s (very cheap.car btw) instead of entrepreneurs with Mercedes benzes and men with dreams of ownership. Aim higher, pray harder, drop the social media rhetoric and go hug your children.  Most of the.crime happening because Daddy never hug y’all.  Trust me. Brothers need love too. And last of all Pray. Prayer changes things. Not living the fake life pretending to have it together.  I’ve seen how that make people miserable.  Just stop. And stop dumbing yourself down on social media. Read more positive things. Educate yourself. Do more positive things. Spread love not likes.Peace.