A False Strike

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We do not know what Obie Ferguson, tadalafil ampoule the head of the Bahamas Trade Union Congress, viagra sales has in his mind or had in his mind when he called a strike by some of his affiliates last week.  These included most notably the Immigration and Customs Department and the nurses

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.  The strike failed in that at best it was an inconvenience.  But there is something slightly thoughtless about the matter. How does a union put the security of the state at risk by calling a strike which is illegal? The ports were left unmanned.  People were turned away from the hospital.  It comes off as heartless. Even after an injunction was filed, buy cialis after the matter was referred to the tribunal, the strike continued.  There is a problem with self-absorption going on in this country.  What part of broke don’t these people understand?  Negotiations have started again they say.  But negotiations for what?  The government cannot and will not move on money matters.  There is simply no money to give.  The paradigm has changed and shifted and the only answer for immigration and customs people who do not like what they face on the job is to move on to other jobs.