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What is a bottom feeder? In biology those are the sea animals that feed off the bottom of the sea like lobsters.  The Seventh Day Adventists refer to them as scavengers and unclean so their members are not permitted to eat them. By analogy we argue today that the Prime Minister, the FNM Cabinet, their MPs and especially their trolls and supporters at large are bottom feeders.

Last week as the pressure mounted on them by protestors in the streets because of a stupid decision by the Prime Minister to shut down the country without notice, they started their campaign of vilifying the PLP in the most nasty ways. But that is to be expected from a bottom feeder in politics. They literally all seem to have a  fascination with the bottom. They love to wallow around in the muck and the mire and with the scum of the earth.

So last week they started putting out these anonymous position papers saying that the PLP was falling apart and they were not polite about it. Of course we knew the real reason for their stories was that the MPs and cabinet are pissed at Minnis.

One conspiracy after another about who was taking over and who was aligned with whom in the PLP. Then they couldn’t help themselves to go low, down to the bottom, with an accusation that someone in the PLP had had rectum surgery while abroad. They really want to go there.

We have published a list of those who may be  guilty of the unspeakable vice of the Greeks in the FNM Cabinet and Parliament as the Brits used to say ( due apologies to the Greeks) who banged on the table when the Speaker of the House the dumb Halson Moultrie called a senior member of the PLP a pervert because presumably he is homosexual. You wonder how these people know these things but we digress. The Speaker himself might be able to tell us the stories from the 1980s about those giving lolies in the base houses in Nassau Village and who was there doing in their crack induced haze.

Yes the FNM politicians who were banging on the table to applaud the Speaker could tell us stories of where they find themselves at night and in whose beds.

Then there was the troll who works at the Ministry of Works, a criminal of the first order, who always resorts to that last refuge of scoundrels by making up stores about the PLP and what men and women do in their private lives. He has such a  fascination that idiot with this stuff, that he had to be reminded in another column that the psychologists say people who are constantly talking about this stuff have the issue themselves about what they are, and also are reported to have small penises and so are engaged in what is called penis envy.

Then there is the fake PLP who calls himself a clock watcher, he likes to watch man as they say in the vernacular. Again, people ask the question why are they so fascinated with this stuff if they don’t have a problem themselves.

So there you have it folks, we are convinced that the FNM in its entirety are  bottom feeders. Instead of governing, they prefer the activities of boomba flies, and grubbing in the mud of the bottom. What a shame this is what we face today in our country. Only the PLP can rescue us and bring us all back to the surface again.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 22nd August, up to midnight:  133,046;

Number of hits for the month of August up to Saturday, 22nd August, up to midnight:  547,923;

Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 22nd August, up to midnight:  6,345,944.