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This was a pretty picture out in East Grand Bahama but earlier the Minister Renward Wells had a rough time with the Chief Councilor at their meeting in Freeport.

On 17 April 2009 in Freeport Kendal Culmer, Chief Councillor in Local Government, and an FNM general almost came to blows in a heated row with Renward Wells, the Minister for Local Government who was on an official visit. Mr Culmer accused Mr Wells of disrespect when Mr Culmer tried to speak to him at the House of Assembly in Nassau. The Minister had no time for him in Nassau and so Mr Culmer said he had no time for the Minister. Mr Wells didn’t take kindly to it at and pushed back and the two had to be parted by other councillors. The meeting took place in the local government office in Freeport beginning at 3:30 p.m. The office staff could hear the row, particularly after the Minister sent for his aide to bring his handkerchief because he had broken out in a sweat as a result of the row.