A Formal Protest Against Candia Dames

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We call her the journalistic vixen from hell.  In all seriousness though, we don’t understand why the PLP has not made a formal complaint to her employers about the work which she does at the Nassau Guardian.  It is clear that there are ethical issues which arise.  The most glaring one is the refusal to understand that there is a difference between opinion and fact.  She reports every week, these pieces in what is called National Review.  This is a reprise of the slanderous stuff that the British anti PLP Journalist John Marquis used to do for The Tribune.  She is now an expert at it.  There is also a problem with her being managing editor of the paper and her brother being a candidate for the Free National Movement.  There is no balance the paper and the paper has increasingly been in commotion with the down market punch for headlines and sales.  The PLP ought to formally complain.