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Photo shows Fred Mitchell making a point of order during the presentation of MP Greg Moss on Wednesday 13th 2014

The Tribune on the day after the great alleged meltdown in the House Of Assembly on Wednesday last ran the headline A HOUSE DIVIDED.  It was based on the biblical line that a house divided against it cannot stand.  It then had pictures of PLP MPs and FNM MPs and the fact that they seemed to be at each other’s throats.  Mainly it was targeted at the PLP because three members of the PLP said they could not support the bills to amend the constitution of The Bahamas that is proposed by the Government in which they sit in their present form.

Obviously The Tribune does not know the PLP.  The PLP is absolutely united.  There is not a crack, viagra canada thumb not a break.  If you want to see a juggernaut in operation, you let these folk underestimate where the PLP is on this matter once it decides to move.  It will mash everything up in its path.

Certainly it will do so when faced with the hapless Hubert Minnis who managed to misread his brief given by his lawyers and buggered up the whole works in the House last week, surprising his own members by saying that they could not support two of the four bills which he had previously agreed to support.  Now you have the Chairman of the FNM Darron B Cash incredibly defending that flip flop in Saturday’s press as an act of courage.  Wonders never cease!

It was a classic Minnis performance, worthy of Mr. Malaprop, complete with his usual mangling of the Queen’s English; subjects can’t agree with verbs to save his life.  As Madeline Khan would say: What a Guy.

The press was seeking to give the impression that the PLP was in disarray because three young members, calling themselves next generation, had problems with the bills, mainly over a misinterpretation of the bill number two which they kept saying gave automatic citizenship to foreign men.  No such thing.  Once that was pointed out to Greg Moss on of the three, his whole presentation went flat and he fumbled his way through the rest of it. It was clear that he did not know the law.

Then there was the other young member who seemed completely discombobulated by events and went into full attack mode.  The Prime Minister watched with incredulity and sadness as he wondered in his mind’s eyes what the heck this man was talking about.  No one had attacked him.  No one had troubled him.  He had been free to say what he wanted to say and no one had muzzled him so where in fact did the comment come that he was dedicating his speech to Ed Moxey. He does not know Ed Moxey or the full story.  He knows only what the current propaganda is. Where did the comment come from that he was going to fall on his sword?  For what and who was asking him to?  He embarrassed his allies without notice. His allies are sad for him.  Life is interesting.


With Mr. Moss, who had previously gone rogue and then Andre Rollins and then the ruminations of the Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells laced with a lot of God talk and scripture, the press wanted to give the impression that the PLP was somehow in problems.  But it aint over until fat lady sings


Do not listen to Eileen Carron, Candia Dames and the other Christie haters.  Last Monday 11th August,  Ms. Dames wrote another one of her unethical and tendentious pieces straight out of Olive’s where she was seen chatting with Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister on Friday 8th August. She calls it ‘The National Review’.  Some observers claim that her words were more savage than the Mr. Nasty of The Tribune John Marquis, racist and anti PLP diatribe maker.  Ms. Dames has other problems one of which is understanding journalistic ethics and a lack of understanding of the rule against self-dealing in journalism.

The fact is when something like last week happens, the PLP goes into full emergency mode, circles the wagons, hunkers down and gets set with all guns cocked and ready to fire

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Voting yes for these four bills to give women the right to equality in law is the right thing to do.  The bills must pass.  They must pass without amendment or delay.  That is all you need to know.


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