A Reprise From The Heads of Government Meeting In Guyana

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A spokesman for one of the extra parliamentary parties in the country was quoted recently in the Bahamian press and on a website Caribbean News Now which is close to Sir Ronald Sanders of Antigua as accusing Baroness Patricia Scotland, cialis the Secretary General of the Commonwealth of being embroiled in a scandal.  No such thing is true.  The “scandal” is a manufactured set of events by the British Daily Mail that is engaged in a vendetta because Sir Ronald Sanders, discount cialis the Antiguan candidate lost the election for Secretary General of the Commonwealth and Baroness Scotland won and Sir Ronald just can get over the cut ass he go from a girl.  Let it go fellows.  There is no profit in it.  The fact is Antigua itself voted for Baroness Scotland at the end when Ron Sanders got the fewest votes of all the candidates.  She is now doing a credible job.  One of the so called scandals was that she is spending money on a new official residence for herself in London.  The only thing they forget to say is that the contract for the residence was signed and the building started by the last Secretary General.  But let’s not let the truth interfere with a good story.  Then they whip up a controversy because one of her allies uses a knighthood in Britain which according to their law he is not supposed to do. Well Jesus Christ. That’s a scandal and what has that got to do with her.  Life is interesting when you are beset by the devil.  Ron Sanders ought to give it rest we say.   Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell is pictured with Baroness Patricia Scotland at the Heads of Government meeting in Guyana in July of Caribbean Prime Minister’s.  The photo is by Peter Ramsay.