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buy viagra try times;”>On Thursday 31st December, healing a young Foreign Service officer doing nothing more than riding in his car on his way to grandmas, was stopped by a police officer, who jumped out of an unmarked car cursing and pulling his gun.  In an instant a totally innocent young man would have been dead.  Fortunately good sense prevailed and nothing happed. What was his sin?  He didn’t stop when requested.  Only thing is there was nothing that identified the car as a police car.

Said the young officer,  “I know the police have a job to do but should they not do it in a professional way?”

The answer is yes of course they should. However, in this day and age people do not talk in dulcet tones or civilized conversation-like tones.  Everything is at a shout.  It must be a way to prove that you are a man and not soft, one supposes.  The police are a reflection of society as a whole.  This is a tough mean and brutal place.  The young officers are from the same pool of young men who have to speak to each other like they are addressing dogs;  the same pool of men who must go to the hotel and act all day like they love serving tourists. They in fact have in addition to their acting career as a waiter or houseman, have to speak a different language for eight hours of the day, hopelessly trying to get their verbs to agree with their subjects.

This kind of inveterate, outspoken meanness seems to be the signs of society dissembling.  The murders have everyone off balance with no solution in sight. People are saying that their neighbourhoods and the society are simply not safe.  Nothing any politician says seems to be able to squash that  thought.

Then the newspaper led with a story that the guardians of the peace, the peace officers themselves were at a funeral for god’s sake and a fight broke out between two officers over a parking space.  Pictures appeared on the web of one of the parties with a torn police tunic.  This was the same day that the Commissioner of Police circulated the instant dismissal of a female office with a picture of her being  fucked by a young male in plain sight: buck naked was she and proud inflangrante delicto.   She later claimed that it was photo shopped.  Yeah right. 

Interesting scenarios.  It isn’t as bad as all that, we think but perception is reality. The public perception is that it is bad.