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Finance Minister Peter Turnquest, known as Dr. No.

We think it is the Bible that says: a house divided against itself cannot stand.  So what do you think of this: the FNM Minister of Labour says one day that the government is thinking of raising the minimum wage. Fair enough, since he said that there will be discussions about it.   Next day,  the Minister of Finance said not a thing like it.   Is that what is called the left hand not knowing that the right hand is doing? By the way, the Bahamas Public Service Union reportedly told its members to meet them on Bay Street on Monday.  The reason says the back chat is that the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis agreed to give them a 1200 annual raise in pay. The Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest, known now as Dr. No, has said only 600 dollars. Uh oh!  Call the police!