A Tribute To Ali From Athama Bowe

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While we slept resting our tired bodies, hoping to rejuvenate our minds, without certainty that we would see the sun again, breathe or hold loved ones, the world 
erupted into tearful sadness and an outpouring of love and respect for the very 
Finest, the Greatest Athlete, Civil Rights Activist and Motivator, had passed on!
The voice which spoke profusely to the world about injustices, inspiring people to
believe in their own greatness. The pretty face that was known in every corner of the globe, that mighty mouth that dared foe to engage him, came to Rest.
He saw the world as his tapestry, on which to spread love, respect, happiness and
equality…without reference to race, class, creed, politics or religion.
Mohammed Ali through his defiance of the Courts, Racial Challenges and the domination of his boxing opponents, let all know that He was the Greatest!
I can remember the thousands of Bahamians that crowed the Queen Elizabeth Sports Stadium to watch the live stream in of the Thriller in Manila.
Ali was a committed man, he transcended sports…he was an orator, articulate, he walked with people of power and influence, reminding them that all men were created equal and must be respected as such..
We reflect on our Elijah Obed, Yama Bahama, Gomeo Brennen, Ray Minus Jr, Tauriano Johnson and Nathaniel Knowles… Boxing Champions who gave the Bahamas pride in the ring, around the world…
Ali drove the aspiring to believe in themselves…to have self-confidence…to be involved, knowledgeable, intelligent and proud.
Ringing in our ears will be that loud voice shouting,” I Am The Greatest”.
He changed a Time for the Better!
May he Rest In Peace!