A Victim Of Covid 19 Hysteria Complains

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File photo the Jamaica Observer

I never post on social media; however, I find it necessary to do so at this point.  Pictures of myself, my sisters, and a friend have been circulating on social media with a lot of incorrect information.  This post is to clarify much of that.  First and foremost, NO ONE IN THOSE PICTURES HAS BEEN TESTED FOR COVID -19 as of March 18, 2020, at 11:58 am. Additionally, we are all also not presenting ANY symptoms thus far.  Had we been tested and confirmed positive, this post would be non-existent.  Regardless of the results, we would have done the responsible thing and remained in quarantine.  We all returned from our travels on March 16, 2020.  From then to now, I repeat we have not been tested.  The slow response from officials is very concerning.  Even more concerning is the fact that we have been told to quarantine, but we have not heard from any official despite our attempts to get into contact with them, yet certain information is being implied.

Dr. Brennen spoke to the press and mentioned that he had spoken to the relevant persons and that they had begun testing.  I want to say that those ‘relevant persons’ were not any one of us.  In fact, on our arrival, we attempted to have a conversation with Dr. Brennen who stated that he had no idea who we were, even after I had given him our names and that he felt he was being “blindsided” by the fact that he was even receiving this phone call.  To us, this raises many questions.  We understand that in most governments, there can be some disconnect, but to be discussing us or even implying anything about us is irresponsible on their part, ESPECIALLY, since no government official has directly communicated to us any information despite already holding at least 2 press conferences.

Further, I wish to clarify and confirm certain things as it seems that what is being circulated on social media is being reported as facts by all.  My sister posted her recent travels to T&T and Dubai.  I, however, do not post as much, and the truth of the matter is that yes, we both travelled to T&T on February 26, 2020.  But while she travelled to Dubai, I went on to Egypt.  This is important to note because it is evident that persons are getting their ‘facts’ from social media, and no one spoke to me to get or report on my travel history before making statements what was solely posted on social media.

I end this by again stating all persons in those pictures have yet to be tested.  It is now 12:28 pm on March 18, 2020, as I end this message.  We have been responsible and quarantined and still have yet to present symptoms.  We are also aware that there have been many persons who have tested positive without showing any symptoms, and should that be the case; we will proceed accordingly.  We ask that humans (government officials, as well as the general public) be more responsible in reporting and sharing non-factual information.  We have complied with what was requested of us and expected of us; however, we will not be a scapegoat to any of this.  Please test us for our own confirmation.  If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, you should see a doctor to be on the safe side to ensure that community spread hasn’t already begun.  

At this point everyone is looking for someone to blame and point a finger at, but again I implore the community to be sensible and stop spreading and listening to propaganda.  Most importantly, adhere to the advice of your healthcare professionals.  Do your research on exactly what is Covid-19. Stop the fearmongering.