A Winner of the Martin Luther King Essay Competition

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viagra sale times;”>The U.S. Embassy released this statement in which it said it was to highlight one of the winners of the 10th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay contest. This year’s theme came from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech entitled, I Have a Dream where Dr. King shared his dream of a world where all people lived in peace and harmony. Students nationwide were asked to write an essay about how peace and harmony could be achieved in The Bahamas.

This year’s winners illustrated love of country and a desire to see nonviolent social change in their communities. 

One of the person’s featured was one of this year’s winners, Jayda Ritchie, 10th grade student at Queen’s College. Essay title, “Taking Back Our Bahama Land.” 

She wrote: “It’s time for us all to stop talking and start doing. We need community centers and strong national mentorship programs supported by the church, government, corporate volunteers and caring neighbors to focus on at-risk children. Many of these children seek love and attention in all the wrong places such as gangs and inappropriate companionship, resulting in them getting involved with crime or sexual relations at a young age. If we all do our part we can change this vicious cycle.”