Abayomi Brown Receives An Award

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discount cialis times;”>Congratulations to Abayomi Brown, viagra canada a 6th grade student at Sunland Baptist Academy in Grand Bahama  for her 6th place finish at the Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation’s annual awards ceremony held on May 21st, 2016 at the Golden Gates Outreach Center, New Providence.  The Bahamas Student of the Year Foundation seeks out the best and brightest 6th grade students from throughout the Bahamas who are not only academic scholars, but they intricately mesh high academic standards with extra-curricular activities and other community and civic involvement  while in primary school.  These children, are indeed, the best of the best in the country.  Abayomi’s 6th place finish in the country is commendable, and not only is she ranked 6th out of 110 of the brightest, talented, gifted, and involved students in the country, but according the Foundation’s standards, she is also the top 6th grader on the island of Grand Bahama, as no student from Grand Bahama was ranked higher than her.