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Adrian Gibson, the MP for Long Island, was supposed to go on trial for the multiple counts of bribery at the start of last week.  Instead, he went to a Supreme Court judge, in an attempt to stop the trial from taking place on the grounds that his case was prejudiced and he could not get a fair trial.  Attempts to stop a trial by this means hardly ever succeed.  The fact is the judges mostly say that if you have any issues on the evidence, you need to raise that within the trial. That is not for specious motions to stall, delay and defer.  What came out of course is that he does not want his former girlfriend to testify.  Had he made an honest woman of her, she would not have been compelled to testify, but she has now turned state’s witness, and she is not married to him, so different rules apply to her that would not apply to a wife.  She also accused him of being a woman beater to the stony silence of the FNM Woman’s Association. The Judge Cheryl Grant Bethel Thompson is expected to rule on the matter tomorrow Monday 15 May 2023.