Adrian Gibson In Big Trouble Over Water In Eleuthera

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So last week, the charges by the Management Union of the Water and Sewerage Corporation of personal abuse and malfeasance in office against the Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation were ignored by  Chairman Adrian Gibson MP, who proceeded instead to say that he was going to file a writ against the Union.  Now he has bigger problems. All last week, the water in the Central and Couth Eleuthera Constituency of Hank Johnson was disconnected. The Corporation ignored the pleas of the constituents who lost water in the middle of a health pandemic when sanitary measures were necessary.  Not a peep from the usually talkative Mr. Gibson.  The talk is that the Water Corporation did not pay its bills to the reverse osmosis water provider and so the provider shut the water off.  There was one report circulating that the water was finally turned on when the corporation went to court and got an injunction to force the return of the water in the tap.  But the Government of transparency had nary a word to say in explanation during the problem. After obtaining the injunction in their statement, they tried to blame the PLP.  These people are amazing.