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Adrian Gibson MO with his lawyer Murio Ducille

A  favourite tactic of lawyers who have no case on the substance is to do their best to stall, delay and defer.  There is a passage in The Lion In Winter where Queen Eleanor says to her husband the King when he is threatening her with divorce and he is telling her that she can’t stop him.  She responds: “ I don’t have to stop you, I only have to delay you.”

All of that came to mind as Adrian Gibson on the eve of the trial for corruption and with his high-powered lawyer in hand, moved the constitutional side of the court to say that he would be prejudiced in his trial because his former live-in girlfriend would not come forward and testify in person and well there had been too much adverse publicity about the case.   The Judge who heard the motion was Cheryl Grant Bethel and she wasted no time in coming to a decision. 

In a  word it was poppycock.  The law is clear, if you have issues about the evidence, the place to raise that is within the trial.  She dismissed the application and the trial was to start.

As Mr. Gibson was walking out of court with his lawyer, people were asking him to say whether or not he choked his girlfriend.  The FNM Women’s Association who made all the noise when they thought a PLP MP was involved in rape but none now that an FNM is involved.

Mr. Gibson went to the Court of Appeal and tried to get them to stay the trial while the appeal of the constitutional motion was heard.  That was denied.

The bottom line is that the jury has been empaneled.  Nine people.  They begin to hear the case on Tuesday 23 May 2023. Let’s hope that the prosecution doesn’t miss.

The track record is not good for prosecuting politicians.  Juries are sympathetic to the party in Opposition,  Just saying.

Al Dillette Weekly Website Report:

Number of hits for the  week ending Saturday 20 May 2023 up to Saturday 20 May 2023 up to midnight: 408,969;

Number of hits for the month of May up to Saturday 20 May 2023 up to midnight: 1,193,222;

Number of hits for the year up to Saturday 20 May 2023 up to midnight: 8,182,988;